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  1. Ok thanks. It's always confusing topic. But that makes sense tho. Likely use the smallest swivel you can get away with too eh. I always liked the black swivels over the shiny ones.
  2. Here is one question i want everyones opinuion on.. I picked up some little cleos. I noticed they did not come with split rings at the top of the spoons. Now i have heard some people add a split ring to the tops of them then attach a barrel/crane swivel then tie direct to that.. However others ive heard use a simple snap swivel with no split ring to the spoon. What method should you go for with the cleo?
  3. Not sure if this pic worked. Please excuse if my spoons look bad? This is my first time powder painting. I made a sapphire blue I made a two tone made a flame red ( looks lighter in pic due to glare but in reality its a nice fluorescent color!) And a watermelon flake.
  4. Thanks. I ended up buying a Wagner ht1000 heat gun. I got about ten diff colors of pro tec. I got about 100 lead lure bodies 1/16 oz and 1/8 oz. Looking forward to powder painting. Ya I got a toaster oven too for curing. Was on CSI paint website it lists pro tecs colors and bake times. Most people have suggested a lower temp for longer to cure to prevent dripping. (300 for 30) but I could always follow the old tried and true 350 for 20 like pro tec recommends.
  5. So with the unpainted lead weights and casting spoons, what temperature should I set the toaster oven too to heat them up? And what temperature would I set the oven to to cure once painted? So essentially I set the oven to that temperature. Hang the spoon blanks and the lead weights in there. Bake them for the desired time. Take them out as fast as I can dip them in the powder, shake off excess then place back in oven to cure?
  6. what heat gun for lead weights/spoons? hey I'm new to powder painting, but I just got several jars of pro-tec powder paint, just curious is there a specific heat gun I need to buy that will heat the lead weights/nickel spoon blanks for powder painting with the pro-tec or can I just buy any heat gun?
  7. I'm thinking of just powder painting then baking them to produce a chip resistant finish.
  8. Ya I was gonna buy a heat gun so I could powder paint. As that way I don't need primer lol. Plus I heard if u powder paint spoons its so durable it won't chip off. So ur saying a spoon the size and shape of a 1/3 oz little Cleo you could do maybe ten on a 2 oz jar? I was trying to picture a jar that small and I thought to myself good god 2 oz is like a pinch of salt lol...I know its probably a lot more lol I'm just a rookie lol. I can get powder paint from a supplier in Canada here. If I want to do spoons solid color say blaze orange or hot pink etc do I still need to powder paint them white first (they are your every day nickel blanks from lurepartsonline) or can I just powder paint them my color instantly? I also heard if I buy the glow powder paints its best to powder paint them white first let dry and cure thennn powder paint them glow color I'm a rookie at this lol but seems easy cuz I watched YouTube bid how to do that from tjstackle
  9. I don't know how to pm in this site lol. I'm interested tho. I always thought powder paint wasn't practical for spoons as a small 1 oz jar would paint what...one spoon ? Lol. I have over 100 spoons roughly the size shape and length of a 1/3 oz little Cleo. I would need over 100 of the 1oz jars of powder paint to paint my 100 spoons? That's almost 500$ or more to paint only 100 spoons. That's why I thought of spray paint as a cheap alternative? I'm so new to spoon painting hopefully I'm wrong and hopefully a standard 1oz jar would paint more then one spoon lol I'm def interested in your offer but I live in Canada and I was told shipping paints over border was prohibited (gotta love lame Canada's CBSA being so paranoid over everything)
  10. painting spoon blanks? hey everyone, just curious on if i can use spray paint or use paint in the can to paint my cheap nickle plated casting spoon blanks? i got almost 300 of them!. Ive never done this before, But im under the assumption all i need to do is first wipe them with some laquer thinner and a rag to clean them, then paint them with white primer first so the paint can stick, then im not sure if you have to let the primer dry first BEFORE you paint on your colors/patterns of choice? OR do you paint on your colors and patterns of choice while primer is still wet? then lastly once your color/patterns is dry on the spoon you complete it with a few layers of clear coat to seal it, correct? now i cant afford no air brushing crap, or NO powder paints. im on a budget and will only have spray paint/paint in cans. is acrylic latex paint ok? i found a big jug of acrylic latex glow paint. Im sure if i follow the above steps and clear coat it after the latex paint wont come off when casting? or should i buy all alkyd paints?
  11. What size of Cleo works on Lakers from the pier?? 2/5, 2/3 or 3/4 oz
  12. Thanks a lot!! Gonna try this. Want to get a fall steelhead. I heard the 2/3 oz Cleo work good off piers for bows and browns. Yet I saw a 2/3 oz Cleo (the size down from the monstrous 3/4oz size) and the 2/3 oz looked huge. Long and wide. Not sure how a bow can hit one considering steelhead got small mouths
  13. Alot of my freinds are showing me pictures of multiple steelhead they are getting off the piers now. Sometimes 2 in half hour. I ask them what they are using, they say casting spoons. Moonshines 3/4 oz to be exact. Thats all fine and well. i own 20 plus moonshine spoons but for some reason i cant get a fish to hit them for the life of me! i stand on the piers chuck them out wait for them to hit bottom then i simply retreive in. I tried reeling SLOW till i got bottom then i tried speeding up retrieve till i thought it was reeling to fast for the fish? tried 8 hours chucking and chucking nothing!!!!!!!!!!. Am i doing something wrong? anyone with experience on how to fish moonshine casting spoons please help me!!!! need easy to understand advice. Heres what i tried... bought a moonshine 3/4 oz as is in package. shaped like a KO. i added a number 7 simple black snap swivel to it to minimize line twist. I left the treble on it came with. Casted it out at various locations off a peir. Casted straight across the peir where the fish enter casted off to each end of piers lake side etc, in all instances id wait till my line went slack indicating im on bottom then i simply reeled in steady. did that for 8 hours straight NOTHING! is that the wrong way to fish the moonshine 3/4oz? should i be twitching my rod tip every few secs during the retreive? should i not let the spoon hit bottom before i reel in? how do i fish these dam spoons? Im new to harbour/pier fishing moonshine spoons. Please help me out
  14. holy shit! ya id never venture out there lol. i cant swim and ya i got shitty balance on narrow platforms id go in lol. i got a piss ton of those c3 #33s (and other colors) from lurepartsonline you told me about. cant wait for the fish to come in so i can use em lol. i made the mistake of ordering the WRONG split rings, ordered the cheap ass 4101s 25pk stainless steel. (non heavy duty) wrong size lol #4s lol. each time i put one on my spoons theres a gap in the split ring lmao. So i upsized to size 6 and 7 split rings and ordered the 2X heavys LOL also used #2 and #1 siwashes on em. u live and learn lol
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