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  1. Hey guys, I'll apologize in advance for the lengthy post. My uncle died two years ago, i bought his old 89 Imperial walk around that he used for salmon on Ontario. I named the boat after him and had a great time with my uncle (his brother) trolling for salmon on his new boat. They are obviously all set up for trolling. The boat came with two Cannon downriggers. I have a garmin fish finder with clearvu, i know its not the best but itll have to do for now. I bought 4 rods to use with the down riggers, still have to buy two more for Dipsys. We fished in July with Flashers and Cut Bait Rigs, I need to outfit myself with cut bait rigs, flashers, spoons etc. Looking for recommendations on gear, working on getting a fish hawk x4 as well. Maybe next year ill buy a new fish finder but wont be in the budget for this year as i have to buy a bunch of lures, gear etc. Any recommendations would be appreciated, still need to figure out the whole when to use which gear for certain times of the year (early season, late season, hot/cold etc.) I have a lot to learn i know, just trying to get the gear necessary to start. Excited to enjoy what he enjoyed for so many years. Thank you in advance guys.
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