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  1. Yep, and I hear it smells like Big Foots d:eek:k! I have the old style panther, it works ok, but my 9.9 is not a high thrust so I only use it when the lake is like glass, otherwise waves and/or wind pushes me around or slows me down to much. once it gets a bit choppy its a pain to steer with the remote, I think it would be easier with the ez steer. I docked next to a guy with a 15 hp merc on the back of his Baha 277, he had the t4 on it and said it worked good. The ez steer is a tried and true setup, I would have run mine that way but I have a straight inboard so it just wasn't an option. good luck, hopefully someone else who has run both setups jumps in here.
  2. My uncle and I have both been using it, he has used it much longer than I, but I have not seen any problems with it including rot for the 4 years I have used it. I don't fish as much as a pro charter though but I think it is a good product and should work just fine for you aswell.
  3. Thanks for the input guys. GLF, I'm looking to fish that area the end of may and the first two weeks of june. Then I'll be back here on lake erie, then back to ludington in late july and august. I'm looking for a decent affordable marina somewhere near south haven, holland etc, that normally has good fishing that time of year. Thanks again guys Ryan
  4. Hi guys, I mainly fish walleye in Lake Erie, but over the past couple of years I've become addicted to salmon fishing. And I make numerous trips in july and august each year to Ludington. But this year I'm coming sooner and more south, like the south haven, port sheldon area. But I need help/info on ports, marinas and ramps etc. My rig is a 27' Baha so once I'm in the water I like to stay on the boat in a transit dock. Pleas guys Any info and opinions will be appreciated. Tell me where you like to go and why, fish stories are also always welcome. Thanks and good luck Ryan
  5. Hey guys, just wondering about (depending on water level of a given day) high the bridge is from the water? My boat is a 271 baha with a hard top and rocket launchers, do you think it will clear or is there another launch? Never fished south haven before but I may be soon. Also, how deep is the launch area, my rig is straight inboard so i can't raise my prop. thanks Ryan
  6. I used to fish with cannon riggers with the ion control, now I use vectors and I take the same number with the vectors and no ion control. The science makes sense, but just because you can attract a fish doesn't mean it will bite.
  7. Thanks guys. Great info, Good to hear from you Aaron, by the way how do you guys like to connect wire to backers and leader? crimps with small swivels? I see some guys are tying it on with good results. thanks again
  8. Hey everyone, I'm getting ready to start setting up a pair of copper and wire diver rigs and had some questions. I would like to just set up 2 of each for now. I am planning on going with either 150 or 300 of 45 lb. copper. But what type of backer and how much should I use? How much line capacity does a reel need to have to hold a 150 or 300 setup? How much wire line should I spool up and what type and how much backer is best? Thanks for any advice and good luck
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