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Yes GH is hot; went 20 for 40 in 40-65; hits 20’ and 40-55’ down. In the mud +- 2 mile north n south of pier heads.

Everything got fish except 150 copper n 2C, aka 3,5,7C; 50, 100, 150, 200 copper, a braid and a wire dipsey and 2 riggers.

On rigger, 10’ from bottom, 11” white paddle w/wh or pickled sunshine fly took some.

Got a few on j plugs.
Most of fish on spoons. All reg size spoons; Rasp carbon (not shown), hulk, whammy, gr fldr pounder; uv jordo, carrot, gr/wh glo frog w/wh back, jagr bomb, mixed veggies, etc.
Good luck!




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You are welcome.

Better get to the Harbor Island ramp very early. There is only 1 dock available for use and only on the west side. Will probably be a zoo Saturday.

They have rebar in and are ready to pour new concrete ramps for docks 2,3, & 4.

Good luck!

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Oh forgot speed, run hot: 2.7-3.0 most of the time except for speed ticks.

Do speed ticks (changes)up n down very often; got a lot of hits when we came down to around 2.5 for 10-15 seconds and then sped up to 3.0.

I would also do my usual line ticks, aka  while rods are in the holders grab the lines and make a few jerks on each line.

When lines are at steady speeds the fish will follow them sometimes for miles.

Ticks sometimes get them pissed off that their  “food” is going to leave and they strike. 
Have fun, be safe, and good luck.  Capt Dan

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