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  1. In Lake Michigan and Wisconsin waters a very large fish was just caught - likely a wild fish. Good luck https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/lake-michigan-chinook-salmon-is-believed-to-be-heaviest-caught-in-about-30-years/ar-AA10AP4O?ocid=entnewsntp&pc=U531&cvid=fa1fc39092124d70ae7994b2f56a2aa7 Sent from Mail for Windows
  2. An impressive report and a cute little girl -thank you.
  3. A young man on a charter in Ludington using a spoon (MOONSHINE - Raspberry carbon) did the job. The previous record was in 1978 at 46 lbs. So, why could one fish find all that food? https://www.mlive.com/news/muskegon/2021/08/teen-catches-4786-pound-chinook-salmon-besting-michigan-record-that-has-stood-since-1978.html In July, a 39 lb king was caught off of Muskegon. 39-pound ‘fish of a lifetime’ salmon hooked in Lake Michigan - mlive.com
  4. I had trouble with Vanish Florocarbon breaking too easily - testing w a pull gage found it breaking at 60% of rated strength.
  5. Very nice cart! At my Del Webb some guys add gear racks to their golf carts. Tight lines
  6. Dimitri- I am new to area around Evanston Il. --I have fished east side of Lake mi. for many years-- I need advice to help me.  Roger Parlett    [email protected]  Thanks

  7. Per the Mi DNR report 2-13 - they are catching fish! Anybody of you going out?
  8. There are a number of very helpful and great fishermen on this site. The detail and the accuracy of the reports are what I need. Just fished Ludington on 28th- strong winds from the south had 65 degree water even out to 205 ft. - had to drop down to 85 feet to find good temps. We got 1 nice laker and a 19 lb king. We got the king at 55 down on a dipsy-spin dr-fly. Yes he was out of prime temps- very strong fish- took 330 ft of line and 25 min - great fun. Several boats in my group did worse. thanks
  9. On the double uni knot - I tried 7 wraps on the mono and 11 wraps on the braid - tested with a pull scale and found it perfect (no knot slip at full line load). Thanks jdh
  10. The FG knot is hard to make for me. The double uni raises a question- how many wraps- some videos say 7 - some 8 - and then I read - Double Uni Knot Tying Instructions. Repeat with the end of the line on the left making the same number of wraps unless tying with braided line in which you should double the number of wraps. What number works best?
  11. For my riggers I do not know if a floroc leader helps- what have others found? I use 17 lb mono on the reel Here is a good article on floro itself. https://www.theonlinefisherman.com/how-to-fish/when-and-how-to-use-fluorocarbon-line-and-leader
  12. Mine are old-really old- so after one blew out and tore up the fender badly - I read about them. Trailer tires or ST tires have a stiffer sidewall to reduce sway. They are designed for higher pressure so they carry more load that car tires. They also have rubber compounds that better tolerate tread heat and rot from the sun and moisture when sitting on wet ground. Tire companies and the government recommends replacing them after 5 to 7 years or if they show uneven wear. In fairness - I used car tires on my trailer and they lasted well beyond 7 years - they did have a tendency to sway and i was well below the max load for the tire. In storage - I unloaded them. To cure the sway I had to use 9% for the tongue load. My new tires will be ST design. I got the Carlisle radial as it is a new design that allows 65 MPH - I drive a little slower I . They are moderately priced.Experts suggest that if you lose a tire on a 4 wheel trailer you should replace the other same side tire. Here is a good article. https://www.moderntiredealer.com/article/312514/st-tires-all-steel-radial-construction-is-meeting-the-demand-for-mor
  13. Two died and others recovering- wind out of the South very strong in Saugatuck Sun morning. It was hot and the beaches were full-despite warnings. The following article describes long shore and rip currents that no doubt incapacitate most swimmers. https://www.mlive.com/news/muskegon/index.ssf/2018/08/2nd_grand_haven_drowning_victi.html
  14. I have seen late season lock jaw but usually later in August. Best time to get them is just when the sun rises and sets--yes very frustrating.
  15. I have an 18 ft boat w a 8HP kicker. What are the weights of each motor? 2 cycle or 4?
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