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St. Joe 3-26-17

If anyone wants to catch some tasty coho now is the time to go. I fished with a couple good friends on one of there boat this morning , we left the ramp about 8:30 and set up in 15 fow and started taking fish  immediately. We made it as for as a mileish south of the junk cars and in 20ish fow before pulling lines at 10:45. We finished 23 for ?? With 22 coho and 1 brown. There was a large pocket of warm water were we fished , to far south and the temp dropped to 38.7. The fish were in 41.5-42.3

Here is a pic of what worked

And the spoons are as follows


panty ho

Scooby skirt

lady bug

and I'm sorry but I can't remember the last one 

and here is a pic of our limet 

Got to love it when the fish are biting as your pulling lines lol.



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ended up going solo yesterday AM.  I could not seem to find consistent pods of fish.  Trolled from the pump station down to the A frames and halfway back again with 3 bites all in 26 fow.  Tried the beach out to 40fow.

Finally landed on a pod at 2pm in 19 fow and picked up my last 3 in 20 minutes.  

Firetiger thinfin and smelt F11 took all 6 hits.

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2 minutes ago, Nick D said:

Where is the best launch to use fishing there?

Are the docks in?

Thanks much Nick

St Joe City Launch.  Yes all the docks are in.  Lots of guys launch across the river at the Benton Harbor DNR launch because they already have their sticker.  I've had a truck broken into over there and know of several other people who have experienced the same so I try to  stay on the St Joe side.

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14 minutes ago, Martin1950 said:

Tom, thanks for the report.  We're doing the shake-down tomorrow in the AM.  A fish or two will be the icing on the cake.


Should be a good day Martin.  I'm sure a bigger spread would have put more fish in the boat quicker.  2 other boats at the launch when I pulled out.  2 guys who only had one bite and 3 guys who had 15 fish.  2 guys said they never touched deeper than 20 fow.

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