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Winter Gear Storage

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I was doing some cleaning in the garage this weekend and of course looked at my fishing gear several times.. All of my gear sits in its respective place in the garage all year round when not in use.

Do any of you store reels differently during the winter than you do in between trips? Like inside where it's warm vs. in the cold/dry garage?

Or for that matter, do anything special with your gear for off season storage?

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Mine always get stored in the garage between trips and over the winter. I have a 1x3 on the bottom with some 1" or 1-1/4" holes drilled half way through. The 1 inch board up higher has small screw eyes that are pinched down to the exact size. I put the rods in with them lower and the rod taper fits in the hooks. As I slide the rods up to put the butt ends in the drilled holes the rod diameter gets larger and will not come out of the hooks. It's a very inexpensive way to keep the rods organized and ready to rock. I'll soon be bringing them in the basement a few at a time for re-spooling. Here is a pic of my walleye trolling rods in the rack.


The only drawback with this is, my wife can easily see how much gear I have. :)

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I typically store my rods outside. Even though I changey leaders, I do store my rods with the swivels at the tip amd with tension. I make sure everything is clean as far as any dried gunk. All of my tackle goes in the basement, primarily to play with during tge depths of winter. I like being organized and knowing what I have so I make charts/spreadsheets for my spoons, flashers, flies, etc. It gives me time to make my winter want list and buy throughout the winter. I do keep my organizers and boxes open to make sure any condensation or moisture dries.

Im not sure this relates to more fish in the boat, but satisfies my possible OCD.

I also spend a lot of time reading threads and articles and take notes. This helps me for next year when trying new things. One thing already picked up is wire divers but one is going to be a slide diver with the big ring and 7oz weight. That setup has me excited.

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Priority1 can you send a closer picture of that rod storage setup? I've been unhappy with my rod holders and thinking of building something.

I'll go out later this evening a get a couple of shots. I'll pull a couple rods out so you can see with and without rods in place. It's simple to do and the cost is very reasonable. I used a self feeding Forstner type bit for the bottom holes. I have a ledge around the garage perimeter where the stud walls meet the concrete blocks. :) You may come up with an even better way. :)

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Same as most, wipe rods and reels down.Make sure drags are loose.

re-arrange lures again and again.

Here's some pics of my rod storage cupboard.It is a little over 10' high and about 50" wide. Staggered central vac pipe for bottom holder and pool noodle for top holder.



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