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  1. trail11591

    Swap Meet

    I know me and a few fishin buddies would go no need for a table tho
  2. trail11591

    May 23 sign up , Morgans tackle

    Reel happy will be there again!
  3. Got a late start Saturday ran a bit north of the pier to 50 fow and started setting lines while clipping the board on a 5 color it got smacked and a very lively 15.2 lb king had a fire drill going with all the gear still laying around stayed on a nw troll till 70 with nothing turned se and started finding lakers... At first we were bouncing bottom trying to get 4 more fish to weigh then we pulled everything up higher looking for silver fish and the lakers kept hitting. Decided to run out to 140 for our last 2 fish and found 1 small coho... Ended the day 14-21 with a bunch of lakers and a 2nd place spot along with big fish... Great ran event had tons fun thanks!
  4. trail11591

    Am I On Wrong Forum?

    I'm with Dan I should post more
  5. trail11591

    W.M.F.L. May 2

    Count reel happy in!
  6. Can you pm me you number a friend is interested thanks
  7. trail11591

    21' Aqua Sport

    Is this still available pm sent in case
  8. trail11591

    Winter Gear Storage

    we store all our stuff in my dads barn outside with the drags backed off we put up some pipe across the top of the rails for the garage door and will place the rods up there out of the way
  9. Thanks for the report on fish and ice!
  10. Nice job! How was the ice still a bunch up here out of st.joe
  11. trail11591

    Down rigger release?

    Add another vote for the blacks I can tighten it down to keep the rod loaded up with big paddles and meat Riggs or loosen it up if its a clean spoon
  12. trail11591

    Official Signup SHFL Final Event #5 8/24/13

    Count reel happy in!
  13. trail11591

    st. joe 8/9 am

    We ended up going out of south haven Saturday the bite was on fire till the sun came up we only ended 2 for 8 but broke off 3 big fish and another straightened a swivel no problem lost a lot of gear but had a good time
  14. Man the south end of the state has been pretty tight lipped for the last.month or so. We got out this weekend ended 4 for 9 with a nice 20 pounder all hits but 1 came on wire mag dipsys set on 1.5 out 150 and200 with green meat the oother hit a purple pro king on a slider. We headed way another almost to sh best water was about 110 to 115 all on a north troll. I was hoping to hear of some fishing this week can't make up my mind if I should go to st. Joe or south haven in the morning.
  15. count reel happy in again