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  1. Welcom Paul! No there's not many "story" posts on this site and I haven't posted anything in quite a long time. You'll find that most posts are either reports or sale items. Posting should pick up as more people get back out on the lake.
  2. Sold Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  3. $500 for the pair PM if interested Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  4. Dr Hook

    sold / closed Baha Cruisers 2005 GLE277

    Bought in on a bigger boat last fall so selling my Baha Cruisers GLE277. At this moment it is currently slipped and in the water in Holland, MI. Features: Mercruiser 350 Dual axle trailer 4 Cannon Mag10 Downriggers Bert's track system with 6 ratcheting rod holders and 2 swivel trees Rocket Launcher Rod Holders Raymarine Sonar, GPS, Radar and VHF radio Fish Hawk X4D with bluetooth New Raymarine Autopilot in 2016 Enclosed head new canvas in 2017 Bottom and barrier coat redone in 2016 Dual axle trailer Asking $29,000 PM or text (616) Four 03 - 4408
  5. It is not necessarily a matter of spawning runs, which yes, traditionally are better mid to late August. Usually king and coho fishing will begin at the south end of Lake Michigan in late April/early May. Kings will usually then work north up the coast. Best fishing out of Holland last year was Mother's Day to Memorial Day. August king fishing never materialized as it has in the past out of Holland. Presumably, though not certainly, this is due to decreased stocking. Northern ports such as Ludington and Manistee would probably be the places to go late summer.
  6. I like the idea and would definitely buy one. It might pick up more traction with the powers that be by decreasing the lines a bit; one stamp on board 6 rods, 2 stamps 9 rods, 3 stamps 12.
  7. Haven't lost a board since going to braid backing and lockjaw. Which means tomorrow one is probably gone.
  8. In my experience, the hot lure is usually the one you only have one of guaranteeing you’ll lose it next trip out Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  9. Steelheaders had their veteran's outing yesterday morning. All the chatter was on channel 6.
  10. Outstanding!! They should be up here in Holland soon Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  11. Works fine for me as well
  12. Sorry for the late post, but had too much going on after fishing yesterday. First trip of the year began with the top of a picnic table passing us by in the channel on the way out. Blew through the skin ice on the way south just before the Saugatuck channel. Set up in 25 fow just north of the point and began trolling south. Began out first trip of the year with a double on coho just south of the point which is where we had our best marks. Trolled 2.9 to 3.6 SOG with best speed 3.2-3.3. Trolled south til we could the the steam from the power plant on shore then came back north. Trolled out to 50 fow on the turn and picked up a laker , except for that we pretty much kept between 25 and 30 fow as marks would drop off beyond 30. Finished the day 6 for 9 with 3 coho, 2 lakers and a skinny king. We had one hit on a rigger which came off, but the rest came on 2 color, 25' copper and braid 0 dipseys set back 75'. Only hits came on orange jointed rapala, orange and black thin fish, and dark orange dark blue spoons. .
  13. same here for a couple weeks at least
  14. Looks like the plastic is too brittle for the tension screw. I've used Luhr Jensen Dipsey divers and never had a problem
  15. I don’t usually pay attention to barometer, but if I did want the info I’d check the closest buoy Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  16. You need to check out inline planers such as TX-44 or TX-22. Most people run copper or lead core off planers to get the desired depth. I suppose you could run divers off a planer but I wouldn't recommend it.
  17. Great report. Hopefully the lake trout reduction won't be used to leverage by-catch concessions in the upcoming tribal negotiations. One other stocking point that was brought up is that lake trout are going to be stocked more off shore in refuges and open water reefs rather than inshore.
  18. Early bird gets the worm...... ........which he then uses to go fishing.
  19. One of em was me probably. We started an hour earlier and finished an hour later. Set up in 75 fow with good marks on a south troll. When they ran out, trolled west to 135. No marks or bites so we came back in and began marking fish between 115 - 120 fow. Finished 3 for 3 with 2 kings and a small laker. Larger king was 15 lbs but had teeny tiny eggs. Probably would have been 30 lbs next August. All hits came from 115-120 fow. Big king came on 180 copper with Moonshine Rickety Ranger, laker came on slider with blue dolphin 90 down, last king came on rigger 80 down with magnum Silver Streak but don't know the name. Blue black and chrome with white nose. Trolling speed was 2.7 to 2.9. Very slow but given the poor fishing lately, quite happy with 3 fish.
  20. That was my thought, if you're setting dipsey to left it should be running on port side. Otherwise it may not be your dipsey. Heavier rigger weights to reduce blowback may help and pancake weights will catch more of a crosscurrent than cannonballs or torpedoes.
  21. Hate to be missing all this calm water and good weather, but all these horrible reports make me glad I'm in San Antonio for a conference this week.
  22. Those ports you may have to go out deeper for immatures. Grand Haven would be your best bet for harbor fishing.
  23. Or.........you may have just ended the Holland run by catching the only fish that was running. Nothing on the graph in the channel or outside the pierheads yesterday morning leaving Holland. We decided to check out Saugatuck as well with the same results. Eventually set up in 120 fow south of Saugatuck. Trolled between 100 and 160 fow all morning but all we managed to take was one 17 lb female in 130 fow on a braid dipsey 100 back with Last Brunch fly and UV crush spindoctor.
  24. Holland 8/30 AM Set up south of the channel in 80 fow with lots of good marks but couldn't get them to go. After an hour began heading deeper, took a 10 lb laker in 108 fow on wire dipsey 180 back with Last Brunch fly on the way out to 160. No marks between 130 and 160 and colder water moving in so turned around and began trolling 110-130 fow. Took a 19 lb king in 125 fow on wire dipsey 200 back with Last Brunch fly again. And that was it. Fished 110 - 130 the rest of the morning. Pretty slow out there now.
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