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My BIL asked me to fish the Pentwater PSA tournament this weekend for him, because he had to be out of town.

Saturday morning was my first trip this year, and it started out great. My brother Greg, and his daughter Stacy where my crew.

We set down in 130 fow, south of port and put down 4 wire divers, The first 2 fish where on within moments. After the morning bite slowed, we slowly pecked away at them. We ended the morning with 9, all nice big 14-17 pound fish.

Stacy with one of her biggns

1d2n0743.jpg 1d2n0744.jpg

Saturday evening brought Jon (NllDeep), and son Jacob up. We fished south again, and got another 8 in the same size range. High light if the night was when 5 of our 6 rods went within moments of each other (sizzle time).

We didn't fish Sunday am due to an alternator issue with the boat, but got back out Sun evening. We fished south down by the dunes and got into some bigger fish, 16-19.5 for this batch. I thing we ended with 8 again.

Jake with a pair of 19+ (he is 6'-2" now)


For the weekend we ran 2 each of high, and low wire divers, and 2 riggers.

White and uv paddles on the low stuff with mirage flies, and Blue Bubble fish doctors, with Blue bubble flies on the high divers.

Riggers down 120-150, lows divers down 300-400, and high (out) divers out 350-450.

We fished 130-180 fow.

We where strictly targeting bigger fish. The psa is only a big fish tournament.

our 19.5 was not big enough to make the top 5. The top 5 fish ranged from 20.5 to 21.5 when we left this morning.

Skip Berry did pull a 23 pound fish on one of his trips over the weekend.

All and all a great way to start the 2013 fishing season.

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Way to go Ken we went out Saturday and marked nothing at 4pm we were just out doing a shake down on the boat but thought we might throw down a dipsey or two, but saw nothing it the water great fishing for you though

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