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  1. Thanks for the info---will be fishing in the morning out of Holland.
  2. GREAT report sounds like you had a bunch of fun. Hope the fish move North soon.
  3. We got a late start after working on the boat. Set up in 50 FOW going south about half way to Saugatuck. Trolled SW for a long time before having the first hit that didn't hook up on the shoot. Eventually trolled out to 150 picking up 2 kings around 85 FOW on the way out. Pulled lines and ran back in to 85 and managed 1 more king and 2 Lakers. Meat took one of the kings. One of the Kings came on 200 copper. One small King set free. Had several other fish that didn't make it to the boat.
  4. I'm sure it was over 20 lbs didn't have a working scale (we do now). Big guy was 37" long. One of the bigger trout had about a 7" perch in it's belly.
  5. Left Holland at ~7:15 AM headed south of Saugatuck. Fished 25~70 FOW big king was on a sprint car spoon on 3 color. Picked up the trout in deeper water using spin and glows. Trolled most of the day at 2.4 SOG. Ended day with 2 Kings, 3 Lakers, and 3 Coho. Threw back 3 small kings.
  6. Sorry----don't know how to count I guess; only had 8 coho. Brown was ~ 4 Lbs.
  7. Left the dock in Holland a little late after getting fuel. Fished south of Saugatuck in 30 FOW 1 L Trout, 1 Brown, and 10 Coho. Threw back one 14" King. Orange spoons were good along with a lemon berry. Caught one also on an orange Thin Fin. Lots of fish marked on the graph, best speed was 2.4 to 2.7 SOG, caught fish on both south and north troll. Cleaning station is now open at Yacht Basin!
  8. Good day on the lake. Left the dock in Holland around 9:45 AM and fished south of Sauatuck in 20~30 FOW. 2 nice Browns and 12 Coho. Knocked the last Coho off with the net which would of made our limit. Back to the dock ~5:45 PM. Orange thin fin took several fish on 2 and 3 color on boards. Carmel dolphin was another good spoon. 2.4 SOG worked best for us.
  9. Fished out of Holland but ran down south of Saugatuck. Fished 25 to 35 FOW and picked away at the Coho and Lakers. Went out to 70 to finish up our 3 man limit 7 Lakers and 8 Coho. Tiger orange thin fin took most of the Coho and one of the Lakers. Ice on the lake early was a little freaky---boards coming out of the water skidding along on top of the ice. Never fished like that before.
  10. Thanks Bill----we were out in the morning and set in at 175 and trolled out to 280. One steelhead on 3 color, lost a coho behind the boat on a rigger 63 down and took another coho on a dipsy 240 back on 3. Very slow for us. Lake was almost flat but fog was thick. Fish came in about 275 fow.
  11. Thanks for the report---sounds like the fish are moving up.
  12. Hit the lake about 8:45 to find 3 to 4's with a 5 thrown in every once in a while (so much for the marine forecast). Fished pretty much straight out and a little North between 100 and 200 with 125 about the best. We caught 3 fish on a 7 color, 2 on a 225 copper, 2 on the chute 80 down on a poofster flasher / fly, one on a 5 color, and the last on an out down 40 down. Not sure the names other than the flasher---mostly yellow's and chartreuse. 2.7 at the ball most of the time. 4 were big 4 year old kings, 1 LT, 1 Steel head, 2 Ho's, and a smaller king. Released a small king and lost 2 or three others. Lake layed down after 12:00 and was a very nice day on the lake.
  13. I may bew interested in the trailer. Do you have any pictures --- details. Thanks,
  14. We had 4 kids on our boat and it was a blast. We caught 10 fish and the kids were very well mannered and grinning from ear to ear. The lunch at the end was great as well.
  15. Sounds like a blast. Any idea how long the leader is? Normally change fly leader to Gama florocarbon.
  16. Best day on the lake so far this year. Green spinny's were the ticket along with an 11" white blade on the shoot which was hot and took 6 of our fish. Went a little North and set up in 150 FOW on a south trowel. Tried going north after a few hours but could not get them to bite--turned back around and started taking fish again. Ended up quitting when the 128 quart cooler was FULL. Fish were hitting the riggers 85 down and the shoot was running at 120. High divers on wire back 250 also took fish; only one bite on 300' cooper. 15 for 21 with the largest being 18.5 lbs; only lost two green blades in the battle. I will post a picture once I figure out how to do it.
  17. Did not see the "Blue Poofster" on the Big Weenie's web site however they have a "Rubber Poofster" which has blue in it---is this the one you have had luck with? How long a lead do you use on the fly? What position do you run the rig at? Thanks and good luck finding the fish.
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