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Copper or No Copper, that is my question

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Eric.....do you have reservations about running short copper instead of lead in the fall? I bought a bulk spool & could rig several shorts targeting dames depths as the 1-5 colors

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Kevin I am only up to around 200 fish this year not one on lead core yet ( ok I hardly ever run it ) no fish on my mono divers no fish on my braid divers not one fish on a meat rig. My 100 to 450 coppers have been pounding fish since April no I am not gonna get rid of any of the non productive rods they will also catch fish. My hottest rods this year have been my 200 coppers with riggers 2nd and wire divers 3rd.

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I still run leadcore and copper.

I think it depends on how many lines you can run. Depending on how many people I have in the boat and what water depth I want to target - I will run a 1/2 core and a full core along with 200 and 300 feet of copper, dipseys and my down riggers. This set up allows me to cover the entire water column from 25 ft on down to whatever depth I'm running my Down Riggers at.

If there are only a couple of people in the boat I might stick the leadcore out on one side of the boat and the copper out on the other until I find out what depth the fish are biting in and switch the other side out to whatever is working.

You can cover the same depths as the leadcore using copper, but I believe that sometimes it is a good thing to be further back from the boat in shallower water. Others talk about the different action leadcore imparts to your spoons - Who knows.

I do know that having both set ups just gives you more choices.

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Copper vrs lead core, they both have their best uses and can be the best rod of the day. I consider them both stealth presentations, but consider the copper a little lees so. I look for ways to best cover the target - productive depth. Like many I had a good collection of LC rods before copper got to be the hot topic. I have had great luck with it, wouldn't want to leave the dock without it. To me, to run anything larger than a 10 color LC is too long and the rig gets to big, hard to handled for most. Other than a SWR of a rigger, if the fish are under 40' copper is a stud of a presentation. Shorter one work too, but when funds or storage space is an issue, I don't see enough of a differance in presentation or performance to have both rigged for similar depth. Try something 300' or longer with a good reel. Okuma makes a nice copper LC rod about 45$ I think. It has a triangular foregrip keeps the reel up and from wanting to spin in your hand.

As another poster wrote, if he's a good and / or smart boyfriend ......

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i prefer lead core over copper. the main reason is that you do have to let out more line to get down further. i know it is less work to run copper because it goes down quicker but i feel the reason lead has always outproduced copper on my boats is that it is WAY BACK. i think the farther away from the boat the better, 100' leads on the riggers or a 2 color, and divers set on 3 so i can get em way back.

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