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  1. Interesting story. Are you talking surface speed or speed at lure? I can see how depth could vary greatly using surface speed as a reference. If it's the speed at the dipsy, what do you think causes the change?
  2. Cork Dust, You have a lot more info than me. Where did you find your info and the illustrations?
  3. I had a similar problem at a clients home. The detached garage was feed by a buried cable. A short piece of conduit with a 90* bend was used to route cable out of ground and into garage. After years slight movement ( freeze / thaw ) of the floating slab the egde of conduit cut into cable and shorted out one leg.
  4. I've read there iS a new smart troll system that is being introduced at the LOTSA and Grand Rapids shows. Sounds like it will be reasonably priced and more diverse / flexible in how it's deployed. I'm very interested to find out more details.
  5. Dave and Dan do a great job! My thanks to Frank and crew at Lake Michigan angler too. Good people. Lots of interesting new tactics and great info on how to understand the lake and how that effects where the fish will be. The goodie bag, lunch and raffle prize won (everyone won something) was worth more than the cost of the seminar. I also now know how to properly use a blue Coleman cooler to save my life if needed. Priceless. Thanks Dave.
  6. Hi Dave! See you at LMA. Will you be selling subs at the school? With all the uncertainty, I let my subscription expire last year. Where can I get a copy? Thanks, Rod
  7. You can run spoons, attractors, meat rigs pretty much anything used for salmon fishing behind a dipsy. A set of planer boards would be a good buy. Check your area for clubs - swap meets. Great way to get some good deals, info and good people.
  8. Nailer, I believe all the GL salmon and steelhead are considered landlocked, no ocean to go to or return from.
  9. Shawn, I have not used that combo, but can't remember anything bad about them. There are plenty of other things you will want, I wouldn't replace anything in good working order. My Downrigger rods are spooled with mono. 20# for flasher / fly and meat rigs, 15# spoons (some use 12#) . I use floro leaders on my coppers and LC's. 10# will work fine unless you plan to fish very deep water.
  10. I do this and it's great advice for a few reasons. First, how many of you could sit down and list all the gear in your boat? Most of us have no idea how much $$ we have invested. Even a small tackle box can hold a few hundred pieces, most worth a few bucks. The value of what you forget or can't justify will far exceed the extra premium.
  11. Send me some more info about repairs needed and pics. Would be a project boat, no interest in the extra stuff. Regards, Rod
  12. Wise makes a nice Stainless steel swing back bench that fits up to a 94 qt cooler. Wd155p http://www.wolfsmarine.com/Stainless-Steel-Swingback-Seat-for-Cooler-P1308.aspx
  13. I heard it will be out early next year, in time to install for next season. Also heard it will not be replacing the x4 and probably $100 + more expensive. The depth feature would be interesting, not worth that much extra $ IMO.
  14. I voted affordable, but would also say I find what I want is to high! You can get some great affordable stuff that does a lot more, a lot better than what I started out with. If you want the best, the state of the art, the newest gadgets you'll always pay a premium.
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