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  1. Targa,just got back from vacation,will try calling you today.
  2. Just got my masters and had to get a TWIC
  3. I am with you on this Earl , sorry to say, but it's just a matter of time.
  4. Have everything ready to send in,TWIC, drug test,physical,sea service,etc. Just looking ahead to what's left. Hopefully our fishery holds together.
  5. Hopefully Frankfort once I get through all the paperwork. Where do you start with boat inspections and required safety equipment?
  6. Just completed the most intense week of training/instruction since attending school. Glad it is done and passed,now the paperwork.
  7. Currently getting my captain's license,and one of the guys in the class actually works on the dnr boat. He states it was a poor class of alewive this past year that led to our numbers. Personally, I don't buy it.
  8. I've been looking at the a98 from raymarine
  9. Support a sponsor and go with the Blood Run tournament line.
  10. I like my Cold Waters, Have a pair I run for wire dipsies and some on rigger rods
  11. I have ran mine for 2 years without one, but have purchaed one and adding it this year before putting in the water. The problem I am having is the system is always working to try and keep the boat straight, and it cannot compensate because it does not know what position the rudder is in. I hope it cures my problem.
  12. Just got a set of rigids delivered today. These are pretty small compared to the tacos I have. Anxious to get them installed and see how bright they are.
  13. Looking to get a couple more Okuma ColdWater reels this year.
  14. Coldwaters, I bought one last year for a wire dipsy setup. I will be replacing several of my older Daiwa's this year with them.
  15. I have a pair of the the Tacos and they suck compared to others I have seen. They are being replaced before next season.
  16. Good information Prop nut. Do you strip old bottom paint and reapply? Have a 2452 I am thinking of having redone. But I have no way to get her off the trailer.
  17. Seasonal slip, beats waiting in lines at the ramp. As far as bottom growth, paint it with an anti fouling bottom paint and use fiberglass hull cleaner from BioKleen when it comes out. Once sprayed off it looks just like it did when it was puit in.
  18. Went up and fished Saturday morning got 1 hit 24 lb king. Saturday night 3 fish 23 lb, 20 lb and a shaker Sunday morning 1 shaker
  19. Who did you take the course through?
  20. Can the P70R be added to one of the older SportPilots? Where can one get a rudder reference sensor ? Not finding them available.
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