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The fishing picked up from last night. caught 8 for 10 with 2 downriggers and one dipsey and netted the last 6 fish with my hands.:lol: I donated a net and blood tonight and waiting for a free t-shirt from all those biting flys:mad::mad: i was told not to tell but i'm trying to save some gas money to all u fisherman plus its my boat and i found the hot bite.:thumb: details details! caught all my fish tonight in 126 to 128fow of water straight out in front of the stacks on north and south trolls riggers 120 and 110 down did not mark any fish in here but marked bait balls the previous night and noticed the water temp was the same on the fishawk at 45.9-46.1 Raised them up the last hour to 90 and 100on the riggers.

Trust me on this one the only thing i ran was a double fish scale white DW paddle with a frosted luke uv fly(yellow beads) has been awesome. Key is to keep your speed at the ball at 2.7-2.8 and sog was about the same but a liitle faster at times. All the fish were 8-15lbs the guys at the launch had 1 to 3 fish but they fished spoons and fished out deeper in the 165-180fow. I guess nobody read my post from last night which makes this post a waste of time!.:D If someone can post how to post a picture please let me know bc i took some pics but cannot download bc i dont know what a URL is?sorry im over 40.lol

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