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  1. Got some help from another site. Should be good.
  2. Got a couple of issues that developed this weekend. First, we're trolling this weekend with 5 in the box. After netting #5 my wife takes the wheel and notices the gps/sonar is off. So out on the lake I check fuse . Its ok. So next I'm thinking maybe low voltage and started checking everything out and sure enough the kicker battery is almost dead, even though we had been running it for a couple hours. I have 2electric riggers and electronics hooked to that battery and am wondering if maybe the output from the kicker is not enough to power all that. Or if my charger is getting bad on my old 9.9 evinrude kicker. I have 2 batteries and can switch to both to charge from the big motor in a pinch. Or maybe I should rethink my battery configuration and put my electrics on the other battery. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I appreciate all the input. Ended up renting a slip thinking with my limited time I would get more time fishing. So much for thinking. Life has ways of unravelling plans so the slip is sitting there empty and my boat is sitting on the trailer again. Maybe next week always turns into maybe next month which turns into maybe next year................. Dunno
  4. It's 2014. Social media is a part of life on the web. I don't mind going on Facebook to look at a few pics and some "free" fishing info. Nobody is twisting my arm to go there. I choose to view what I want. And like mentioned there's a report on his FB page with lures that are working etc... I appreciate the charter reports and hope they keep coming. Fishing reports are helpful and let the average Joe see what is happening on the Lake. But they're where the fish were yesterday and what they were hitting on.... yesterday. I don't know what some of you want. What's truthful and fake on the web?????? I guess the only fishing reports that can't be disputed are walking down to the docks and a visit to the fish cleaning station? Free info is free info. If its good for the charter business too, then great! I don't have a problem with it. They're hard working people and I want to see them do well.
  5. I have a '95 Crestliner Eagle aluminum cuddy. I was able to find a used 9.9 kicker with electric start. I have a boat salvage yard about an hour away and was able to get most of what I needed, there. Was able to get a used throttle control and had room to cut a hole and mount it next to my main motor control. They make dual controls but are pricey for new. What they didn't have they could order, so I got the shift cable from them, too. Drilled another hole and mounted the key switch and ran wires to it. A bit of a challenge but with proper planning, not too bad and the inexpensive way to go. It's a bit of a stretch but lifting manually is possible with mine. Power trim would be ideal, but not in the budget. I suppose used is possible. Mine is pretty much old school functional.
  6. Oh yeah, forgot about mounting my planer board reels for my big boards! Some rod holders, too.
  7. Go through all my wiring. Put a fuse block in the transom for my electric riggers and wire in an auto bilge pump, too. Install my new Humminbird 859 sounder/gps. Maybe re-paint my floor if I have time...... And add some more floatation to gunnels and transom.
  8. Thanks Matt. Yep, read about his theories in the past. Interesting to say the least. Don't really have the means to send a 25# weight down to 400 on my boat, though. But if the going gets tough again this year I might send some divers down there!
  9. I've never been one to make life any harder than it needs to be. You know, work smarter not harder. But last year was tough and the early bite in close didn't always develop and some days a couple lakers saved the day and maybe a coho or 2 mixed in. Some days 10-11 o'clock would roll around and we'd find ourselves wandering around 200+ feet of water with a mixed spread trying to salvage our pride. Always had one deep at 100' feet or so, and deep long lines seem like a pain, but if it catches fish..... Question: with the new slide divers with 150 feet capabilities and the Deep Sea divers going to 400+, what's the deepest you guys fish or have caught fish in the Great Lakes?
  10. Just got my 7 oz. weights in the mail yesterday. Look very nice. Going to make a nice addition to my deep wire divers I'm setting up. Come on spring!
  11. The cut plug Js and Hordes were always a PM favorite. Also have some custom Spook Js and mag Stinger spoons I painted black w/ glow ladder backs I liked in PM Lake and harbor patrol. Black Raspberry,too.
  12. Definitely would like to pick up a couple Deep Sea Divers. Was going to order direct from Torpedo but shipping was $20+ so I figured I'd wait until the GR show. And like Joel a swivel roller tip and 1000' spool of 30# 7 strand wire if you carry it there. Some UV flashers would be awesome!!!!!
  13. You guys really need to quit hooking up on those fingerlings.
  14. I've been on all the Great Lakes except for Ontario, which I'd like to fish sometime. The Great Lakes are so huge but there's some area's I'd really like to visit if I had unlimited time and a bigger boat. Drummond and the North Channel area would be on my list, as well as Georgian Bay. Vast area there. I doubt you could see/ fish it all in a life time. Wow Lake Superior, where would you start there? I've been to Whitefish Bay but always wanted to try Keewanaw and Huron Bay areas. The Straights area and around Mackinac Island and Bois Blanc would be awesome. Been to Little Bay DeNoc also, but would like to try the Big Bay a time or two. And all areas west to Menominee. Heck I might as well keep on going South and fish the entire Wisconsin side while I'm there. So much water, so little time!!!
  15. The Lindy River Rockers look like a knock off of the Tadpolly's. Might have to pick up a couple myself to try. I been wanting to try the Yakima Mag lip deep divers, too.
  16. I've got a box full of Tots. Great old lure. I've also got a bunch of Fishcatcher flashers that came out before the Spin Doctors that I used to catch a lot of fish on I'll have to dust off this summer. Also I should break out the old Flatfish in the spring for browns/salmon and even summer for lakers more.
  17. I haven't used a regular dipsey in many years. Just slide divers now. I do my wire differently , though. Also many years ago I read an article in In-Fisherman magazine about junk lines the Lake O guys were using. One was a wire set up with a long mono leader using a Dipsey with a Jettison release. The Jettison acted more or less like a slide diver. The lines were connected together with a 16" section of lead core with the lead pulled out. You'd take the wire and run it inside the leadcore sheath, do an overhand knot, do the same with the mono. I used that for a couple seasons, then I saw the slide divers and switched over to them. Switched over to 80#Power pro to splice the lines together after that came out, too. But I still use 30 feet or so of mono because I like the stretch, and I hate snubbers (there's a story behind that). Now that I'm getting back into the salmon groove...... I didn't use it last year. But I did use the same rig for a Torpedo Diver and it worked really well, too. Now you guys got me pumped up about setting up my wire rigs again!!! Thanks Guys...
  18. I don't thing the tubing size matters much. I had some 1/8 inch ID we used for sliders and we also used it for our steelhead bobber stops river fishing. And I've got some bigger like 1/4 inch stuff that works, too. It just stays in place statically from the slider line pulling at a right angle to your main line.
  19. "Segmenting" has been done by some in the past. Downside is all the heavy line between the rod and the board and like mentioned, more chance of failure due to knots.
  20. Thats what I've been using for a while. I wondered when somebody would mention them. Pretty easy to use. I've tried almost all of them over the years. Elberta Clippers work pretty good, used those for awhile, rubber bands, too. The offshore clips... have some of those, they're Ok. Got some of the rubber coated snaps, too. Can't remember who makes (made?) 'em. I guess they all work...... Since I only have 2 riggers I stack mine sometimes, too. Had pretty good luck with that, too. To each his own. Fun to experiment with different techniques, though.
  21. Here's some comparisons which might be helpful, too. http://www.fishfinders.info/raymarine-dragonfly-57-review
  22. I agree killerbe20. For a unit that does all that the Dragonfly does and for that price, its a pretty impressive little unit. It seems to be the best dollar for dollar unit in that price range out there. My first post was meant to say that but I didn't do very well. Plus I double posted. Zsheesh. I like this site but not being able to edit is frustrating sometimes. Anyhow the Garmin 547xs is comparable but by the time you buy a transducer its $300 more. I'll probably end up getting a Dragonfly but still debating about the Garmin since I've owned and liked them in the past. Lets see, don't accidentally double click......... and send.
  23. No the Dragonfly isn't perfect. The 5" screen is a bit small. The GPS and mapping isn't great, there's better units out there. The technology isn't really new, its been around for many years, what's new is the price entry point and Raymarine getting into that end of the fresh water/saltwater market. Garmin makes a similar and very likely better CHIRP unit but it's a couple or three hundred more expensive. But to get a multi-function unit with sonar and the depth range it has, bottom scan with that type of depth and clarity capabilities, and a decent GPS /mapping in the $600 range is pretty impressive. Been debating getting one myself to replace my old Garmins. The darn things are about 13 years old and still going strong. I guess if I can come up with the extra 3 bills I'll probably go Garmin again........ Dunno.
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