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Went out with the real Sea-Mac tonight from 6 til dark and we ended up 5 for 12. 120-130 fow best.

What got hit: 12 color w/mag. SS Blue Green Dolph.

15 color w/Area 51

Dipseys out 150 with pickled sunshine lookin spin doctors and both the strong flys from the dreamweaver event. If anyone knows the names of those flys please fill me in, id like to grab some more now.

Rigger down 69 back 10' - 11" "Lucky Charms" (not green dolphin as in my last post) Siggs custom Paddle w/ big weenie proctologist fly took a 19 ohh so close to 20lb. king and the biggest king ive taken on my boat @ 25lbs.




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Nice work guys!

We ended up 4 for 12 and fish were 10-17lbs :eek:

Lost 3 hogs at the back of the boat... :mad:

Fished 80-100 and did a south troll all night every rod got hits, we never went 15 min without something happening

Riggers at 60 and 75

Wire divers at 125 and 165

Fire divers at 180

300 copper and 350 copper

Ran paddles and 8" spin doctors on everything. Hot setup was probably a white spin doctor with green fly or mtn dew spin doctor with green fly.

Get out there... the fishing is awesome!

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We fished outside of the pack last night from 180-120. Ended up 10 for 12. 2 lakers, 1 coho and the rest kings. Fished mainly paddles and Spinnies and down fairly deep on long coppers. Great night to be out on the lake!

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Not sure which Dreamweaver tourney your referring to, but I know we got a "no see em" it's white.

Not the no see um...

Spartan and Citron I believe. I think the Spartan come from last years dw tourney.


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