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  1. Happen to me last 2 years ago, they had to launch a boat outta grand haven, no charge, but full inspection, I got hit cause my flares were expired! 100 bucks!
  2. I'm trying to find a link to down a Mer Cruiser Manual for a 170hp 4 cyclinder. More importantly I put new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and points on and now a rough idle, thinkning my points are not set right, looking for a push in the right direction, thanks in advance! Nate "Pure Addiction"
  3. quick report from this am out of holland.... went south of the peir heads, found fish in 70 FOW, set lines and went SW to 120 FOW, hit 120 and went N. thats When the actioin started... Had 2 doubles in 7 minutes. Heres what worked *MD SD with green fly on diver 171 back on 2 *same rig as above on rigger down 58 *Rigger w/blue frog spoon parked at 39 *Mixed veggie spinnie, w/blue no see um fly 121 back on 2. Had something big on the 150 copper, came unbuttoned while unhooking the board. Not much size but got a quick trip in before work this am. Ended 4/5, N troll being the best, 120FOW
  4. I have both black and lime green, each take about the same amount of hits.
  5. good morning on the lake... worked 68-105FOW. set lines at 6am fished till 9 and went 4/4. 2 kings and 2 browns:thumb: what worked.. *big brown hit on blue frog on full core * about 18lb king come on smurf * shaker king hit 300 copper pulling a mixed veggie and about 5lb brown on rigger at 54 down, pulling a 11" paddle, with no see um fly. Brown was weighed by the Holland steelheaders scale that was at the fish cleaning station this am for there tourny, a big thanks to them. Anyone have info on how I can join? Heres the catch... And heres the HOG!!!!:thumb: Biggest brown ever on my boat!!!!! Nate Vankampen "Pure Addiction"
  6. Blue frog. And anything like mixed veggie, uv has been hot... coopers have been hot.
  7. I had the same problem, Fri am went 1/7... they all were there for a few seconds then gone.... nice job getting the newbies on some fish.....
  8. Nice job, hopefully those nice size kings stick around for the wmfl tournament this Saturday.
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