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  1. This weekend we did the best in 80-100 fow about 1 mile north of the pier and up to the 1st net. Some big fish in that water with 3 of them being over 20 pounds. We had 9 fish the first day and 7 today which got us 1st place in the am division of the tournament. Hope this helps.
  2. fished out of the bay between Espanore and cream city point looking for a stray walleye with no luck. Could see the net that is in the usual place between the point and island. Next time up I hope to try the same area for atlantics.
  3. ROUGH would be a good word for this tournament, especially on day 2. We managed to scratch out 7 fish which was good for a 9th place finish. We started in 160-170 fow on a south troll and went 2 for 4 by 10:00. We lost a big fish on a 400 copper that cut our fly leader. Pulled lines and ran out to 240 fow and hoped for some steel. Managed to go 5 for 5 in the last couple hours out deep. 1 coho and the rest were steelhead. Also landed a 4' maple branch out there which had us thinking we had a decent fish until it finally popped up 50' behind the boat. On day 2 we made it out to 93 fow when they called the tournament. We turned to head back in motor started to overheat. WE took on so much water going out the bilge could not keep up and belts got wet and started slipping. We slowed down and the bilge finally caught up and the motor cooled down. Had a hairy ride into the channel and our captain did a great job maneuvering though the waves. Seen some very close calls in front and behind us. When we got to our slip we discovered we broke the water pump on the motor. Glad we were able to get back to port safely in those waves. Believe someone was keeping a eye on us yesterday!
  4. We debated on fishing the tournament but opted to just fun fish instead. Stopped fishing at 11:30 and already had 20 in the boat but released 3 short lakers. Our top 9 fish averaged around 12 #'s. Oh well, it was a good morning of fishing with friends!
  5. We fished outside of the pack last night from 180-120. Ended up 10 for 12. 2 lakers, 1 coho and the rest kings. Fished mainly paddles and Spinnies and down fairly deep on long coppers. Great night to be out on the lake!
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