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well i decieced after the great day before at st joe that i would get the plumkrazy out and go to st joe on friday and do the shake down trip ,so we met terry dirty dog and his crew in south haven and head to st joe , we launch right in front of terry ran to where we set up the day before and trolled south to the power plant ,we boxed 15 fish ,lost 2 and realeased 1 ,boat ran good but the motor heated up at trolling speed as it has done the last three years ,then when i got home found all my power steering fliud in the biegle i think the power steering cooler went bad ,so on on monday the boat will have to go to the repair shop and get fixed


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Nice job Termeer crew.

I have read if you put warm water to the lower unit (via a hose from the house) in the spring, it will make the water pump more pliable, thus eliminating the over heating at idle.

Ouch on the boat again this year.

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Phil. the warm water warm up really works for me. This year I re-winterized after our intial trip and the boat sat for about 2 weeks. Went back in an overheated at slow troll again. Hit it with the warm water again in the driveway and yesterday was fine.

If you dont get all the water out of your power steering cooler it can crack

the line. If thats all it is there not to expensive. Good Luck.

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Captain Adam

Great Job

Should have came with me. We had hot bagels aboard the Get Anette.

Thanks for showing us your program Adam.

It worked for us in South Haven

We were also able to use our braided lines on the boards.

Thanks again for the great day on the 31rst.

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