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Muskegon 9 Aug - 6 for 9

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WOW.....There was a LOT of boats out fishing today! I fished with Silver One, smalls, and my two sons. I opted to stay away from the crowd, and we ended up 6 for 9 today, 3 coho and 3 kings. We fished 50-80FOW. We left the dock just before 6am.

We caught a coho on a Stinger prototype on a 3 color. Here is Hunter still in his PJ's reeling in the coho. It was a bumpy and he did not want to change into his clothes until we got in.


We caught a coho on a half core with a Stinger Mixed Veggie.

We caught and lost a king on a Monkey Puke J-plug on a full core.

We caught a king on a green ladder back J-plug on a full core.

We lost a big one on an 11" Protroll double pearl white with a Siggs Rigs Blue & Pearl Crinkle trophy fly. This was on a rigger set at 55'

We caught two and lost one on a Protroll prochip8 Blue Bubble flasher with a Siggs Rigs Aqua Blue Glow pulse fly, on a wire diver set on #3 with 90' of line out.


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Ok Ill come clean. Since mike did not point it out I was the one who lost a hog on the rigger at 55 down. But the only way I would put on the pink sissy belt is if he strapped me up and He turned me down. In my defense the hook straightened out on me as it was a big fish.

I know excuses are like my rump" full of ??? and everyone has one.

thanks again mike.:eek:

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