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  1. nice job, heading to Lake O July 18-22, keep them reports coming!
  2. I have 7 foot shimano talora's and love them. one rigger is setup with 12 pound for spoons and the other with 20 pound for flasher flies. I have diawa sealine 47's on them.
  3. Great job!! Too much risk in wind forecast so I cancelled my trip for this weekend.
  4. Sorry this is a day late. Yesterday was another fantastic day. We went back where we were last Friday and had a slow pick to go 8/9 with an 11 lber in there. Then we moved off the windmills about 7 miles east of harbor, 53 fow. Took our final 7 fish in an hour for our 3 limits. Also picked up a bonus walleye, first one of the year over there. All hits came on Rays Raz Dolphin copper back on dipsy 35-40 back on 1 setting, double orange crush silver back 50 back on 3 setting and Tangerine copper back on 2 color lead.
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