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  1. I am planning a vacation up to Lake Leelanau for early July. I have a week of camping and Walleye Fishing planned. I am looking for advise on fishing locations, lake maps, recommendations on local tackle stores, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Little time on FB and Forums. Twitter is too much for me.
  3. I am looking for feedback on Proos Downriggers. I am in the market for some downriggers and just ran across them. I dont know anything about them. Thanks.
  4. Would like to make everyone aware of the new fog horn that was installed in Ludington. This is a boater activated fog horn! The boater needs to put his radio on channel 79 and key his mic 5 times within 10 seconds. This change was just announced recently in the local papers. The boater needs to be within 200 yards for the horn to activate but when the local reported tested it he reported that it did not activated until well inside of 100 yards. Sorry but this is just way too close for me in the FOG. Unfortunately the announcment came a day after a fisherman lost his life when the charter boat he was on hit rocks and sank in the Manistee river channel due to heavy fog. The article explained that these horns have been in place in some of the Southern Lake Michigan ports.
  5. Yes, head north to the bank. Work deep and shallow water till you find fish. the fish are anywhere from 30 to 80' deep. Good luck. I have not found an updated net report so keep an eye out.
  6. My first time fishing out of St Joe. We went 12 for 13 for the morning. We set up in 80fow and fished out to 120fow. A little speed adjustment up to 2.8-3.0 mph did the trick. Once we picked it up we were busy most of the morning till it slowed about 11am. Riggers were good set to 80 & 60 down. Also full cores were workin. Fished mostly spoons, best colors were green dolphin, kevorkian, and Black/White. Had one hit on Blue/Blue Spin Doctor-Fly on a wire 85' out. Great day on the water, waves less than 1'. And best of all got the chance to take my Mom, Dad, Daughter and her boyfriend out on the boat.
  7. There was a small temp break right at the drop off. It was 2-3 degrees colder on the north side of the drop. Fish were on the cold side.
  8. We ran up to the point yesterday and ended up 5 for 6 for the evening, all Kings. 2 hits on full cores, 2 on half cores (lost one), and 2 riggers. Two of the fish were 14#. Everything was in 100+FOW on the north side of the drop off, this made sense since the wind was out of the NW. All hits were on spoons, the good colors were Michael Jackson and anything blue. Pulled lines at 9pm, we could see the weather front coming across the lake, just in time to get off the water.
  9. I am headed to St. Joe next weekend. This is my fishing trip to the area as my daughter just bought a house in the area. I am looking for any recommendations and tips for launches, spots to fish and things to watch out for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I see that Garmin is now offering a couple of autopilots. Does anyone have experience with these? I would like to put one on my boat also. Thanks
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