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  1. downspeed on the depth raider was 2.2ish, GPS speed was from 2.5 - 3.0 depending on direction.
  2. Lakers, lakers and more lakers. Don't know why, but my salmon spread was infiltrated by Lake trout this morning. We worked water from 150 out to 200 then back into 100. We ended up 7 for 8, boating 6 lake trout and one shaker king. White Paddle down 150 with blue boy horsefly went 3 times. 450 copper with Belding bait glow went 1 time. High Diver back 175 with Black/gold fishcatcher and mirage horsefly went once. 300 copper with white fishcatcher and Purple Liz horsefly went 1 time. 175 copper with crome/green spindoctor and monkey puke horsefly 2 times. Nice morning on the water, but we could not get any of the kings stacked up between 100 and 120 to go.
  3. Had some great customers from Seattle, WA on Monday night. Set up in about 150 FOW just south of the Muskegon pier. By the time I got the 5th line set, we had a rigger down 80 with Big Green Fishcatcher and sea mist Horsefly jacking in the rod holder. Boated a nice 13lb hen King. That rig went 2 other times. Right after putting that one in the box, the rigger on the other side started bouncing with a big white paddle and Lil Boy Blue horsefly down 150. Boated a 3-4 lb king. That also went 2 other times. As soon as that got reset, the fireline low diver went 215 back with glow frog e-chip flasher and atomic green glow horsefly. 3 for 3 16 minutes into the charter. Kept picking away at fish with our east troll accounting for 9 of our 11 hits. We boated 9 fish, 7 being kings, 1 laker and 1 Coho. 2 other hits were on 10 color with NBK prototype nailer spoon, 1 on 450 copper with Belding Bait Glow and 1 other dipsy hit with a white fishcatcher and sea mist horsefly. Best water was 170-180. Our bite completely shut off at 8:00.
  4. Got a sleepy start on Saturday Morning and set up around 7:00 and fished to 11:30. Worked water to the south from 150-170 being the best. Finished up 7 for 7. 5 kings, 2 lakers. It was entirely a fly bite. Big white paddle with lil boy blue horsefly took 3 hits on the rigger. Down 120 and 150. Big green fishcatcher with Sea Mist horsefly took 2 hits on the rigger down 60 and 80. Wire Dipsy back 215 with Blue/Chrome Fishcatcher and blue max horsefly went once. Fireline dipsy back 175 with White fishcatcher and sea mist fly went once. Copper with Spoons and plugs did nothing.
  5. Fished twice on Wednesday. Got a late start in the morning leaving dock around 6:45 and returning around 11:00. We motored out to 90 FOW just north of the pier and set up. Trolled out to 120 before we got anything going. We worked a North and South troll taking most of our bites going north. 300 copper went 2 times with Green Ladderback plug, 450 copper 1 time with Belding Bait Glow (92). Riggers down 120 and 80 with Big Green Fishcatcher and sea mist horsefly. 10 color 1 time with Seabee prototype. Dipsy back 175 with Chrome/Blue Spindoctor and Blue Max horsefly. Ended with 4 kings and 3 lakers. The evening trip left the dock at 4:30 and returned at 9:30. Finished up 7 for 10. Worked north of the pier from 130 into 70. 450 copper went 2 times with Belding Bait Glow. 4 rigger hits...65, 65, 74 and 71. One was Big Green Fishcatcher and sea mist horsefly, 3 were glow frog racer paddle and mirage horsefly. 125 copper went 1 time with kings around prototype. Fireline dipsy back 165 and 175 each went once. One with white fishcatcher and sea weed horsefly, one with Black/Gold fishcatcher and mirage fly. Wire dipsy back 200 went once with Blue/Chrome Spindoctor and blue max horsefly. All in All a nice day on the water.
  6. Gotta love the spring brass, makes them about indestructible. The new stuff is looking really good, keep an eye out for it to be on the market.
  7. Brian is a great guy. We had a good time still and at least it didn't rain on him this year!
  8. Saturday: Struggled a bit on Saturday morning finishing up 5 for 6. All Kings. Most on Northport Nailer spoons. Fished from 100-185 2 fish on 10 Color w/ Black Ice "L" prototype. (check out Dave's Corner at northportnailer.com for pictures of the prototypes) 1 fish on 3 color with double orange crush on gold with green latter back 1 fish on 7 color with blue ice glow 1 fish on rigger 120 down big white paddle and Lil blue boy horse fly 1 miss on rigger 110 down big green paddle seamist horse fly. Sunday Night: Setup Sunday afternoon in about 185 and headed west. We did a bit better on Sunday night, but the fish came is spurts. Finished up 9 for 9 with 5 kings, 3 steelhead and 1 laker. Again, Nailer Spoons seemed to be the key. Steelies came between 300 and 330 in about a 25 minute span. Other 6 fish came between 240-185 on the troll in in about 30 minute span. 1 fish down 130 on rigger big white paddle and lil boy blue horsefly 1 fish down 40 on rigger Mixed Veggie Gold 2 fish 3 color - pink and orange on gold "K" prototype. 1 fish 5 color - pink and black "C" prototype. 1 fish 125 copper - Bloody Nose 1 fish 175 copper - Black and Blue Glow 1 fish 10 color - Black Ice "L" prototype 1 fish 7 color - with blue ice glow
  9. Headed out into the Pea Soup around 6:30 on Saturday Morning with some new Charter Customers that were celebrating a Birthday and Father’s Day gift. Other than the inability to see more than 100 yards, the fish gods were in a giving mood. We slowly navigated our way in between a couple of nets just south of Muskegon and set up in about 80 FOW and headed west. We got most of our lines set when a dipsy fired and we put the biggest of our 14 fish in the boat, which was a King around 9 lbs. We just continued to pick at fish, one at a time, never having a double and finished up the morning trip around 11:30 being 14 for 16 with 13 kings and 1 laker. We worked water south from 110 to 160. Nothing was on fire, but it was steady. Nailer 300 series spoons took 14 of the 17 hits. Here is how it broke down. 3 Color w/ Double Orange Crush on gold (46G) – 2 hits 7 Color w/ Blue Ice Glow (44) – 2 hits 10 Color w/Black Ice Glow – 3 hits Rigger down 125 w/Big white paddle and Lil Boy Blue Horsefly – 1 hit Rigger down 125 w/Big white paddle and Mirage Horsefly – 1 hit Rigger Down 80 w/Pumpkinseed (15) – 1 hit Fireline dipsy back 150 w/ Blue spinny and Blue Ice Horsefly – 1 hit 125 Copper w/Mashed Banana (11) – 1 hit 225 Copper w/Black and Blue Glow (93) – 3 hits 300 Copper w/Belding Bait Glow (92) – 1 hit Wire diver back 180 w/Mixed Veggie (47) – 1 hit
  10. This is tonight guys, even if you haven't RSVP'd, you are welcome to join us.
  11. Doyle told me the 2 of you would be there. It will be another good workshop! I'll have to have Doyle fill me in, got my son's baseball game, so I won't be able to make it.
  12. Awoke to heavy fog, so we decided to wait until it cleared up and we left the marina about 8:30. Worked the skinny water from then until around 11:00 with not takers. Turned the boat west and started working toward 40-50 fow. Took our first fish of the season on a half core and a black/pink Nailer prototype. Was a nice 4ish lb brown. Took a big rip on a 125 copper shortly later, but lost it taking the board off. That hit came on black and blue Glow (93). Looped around and took a nice 12lb laker on a 175 copper with a green dolphin (14). Shortly after resetting the 175 copper, took another rip on it and landed an 11 lb laker. Finished up around 1:30 3 for 5.
  13. Guys, we've had a few people ask if this is open to everyone, and yes it is. It is NOT just for Chater Boat Association members. The more the merrier, so send us a RSVP at [email protected]
  14. Location: 3006 Lakeshore Drive Muskegon, MI 49441 RSVP: [email protected] CASH BAR OPENS AT 5:30 PM WORKSHOPS TO BEGIN AT 6:00 PM Thursday, May 6th, 2010 http://www.muskegoncharterboatassociation.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=5&Itemid=10
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