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  1. While pollution sucks, at least it was only tritium. It is a weak beta emitter has an average keV of 5.7 which is practically nothing. It's sad that this is probably one of the least dangerous pollutants that is dumped in the lake.
  2. It is only $6600 but you need to take a $350 safety class before you can buy one. You also need your own jet ski with someone on it to operate the throttle for you. But for an extra $1200 you can get a hand controlled throttle. This is a lot cheaper than the $100,000 JetLev which is almost the same thing but it has its own 260hp power unit.
  3. I fished PM lake out of my kayak 9/14. PM lake was loaded with salmon. I only got one that morning but was marking tons, seeing a lot jump, and watching other boats reel them in. I caught the one one a J-13 Rapala over by the Badger. Cranks and J-plugs seemed to be what was working for everyone. Talked to two guys at the launch that landed 29 and kept 10 by casting fire tiger cranks and floating spawn by the mouth of the river. All of those kings were bright silver. 9/15 my dad and our friends took a charter out. we ended up with 7 steelhead, 4 kings and 1 coho. we went out to 200ft of water and the water temp was still 68 degrees. The fish were hitting at every depth which we had well covered with the 14-16 rods the captain put out. I was impressed we only had one tangle. 9/16 I went out to PM lake with my kayaks and my friend tagged along this time. We only had 2 hours to fish but I ended up with one king on a green glow/black ladder back J-plug. We also stayed at the state park. We seen very few salmon in the Sable river.
  4. http://cumingsnets.com/index.php?route=information/contact
  5. I have the Icom M72 Handheld VHF for my kayak. It has 6 watt output and the battery will last you a few days easily. I think I paid $180 for it but it works well. I can hear the salmon boats in 170ft of water when I'm in Lake Macatawa.
  6. Sounds like a bad gallbladder to me. It seems to be a popular problem. I do a lot of scans for them. The surgery is laparoscopic so in a couple weeks you'll be good as new. Pancreatitis sucks lets hope it is just the gallbladder. I trained at U of M medical center and that hospital is amazing to say the least.
  7. Looks like a Hobie Mirage Pro Angler and they are only $2500. I wish I could afford one because they are sweet kayaks and incredibly stable. You can not only catch gills in your little lake but you can use it for shark fishing too. The guy in the video even has the livewell behind his seat. It only costs $250 extra but your bait will stay alive.
  8. anybody use the foam tape rectangles that come with power pro? I usually use a mono backing but have one reel with the foam tape and it has worked good so far.
  9. I've fished that tournament back when American tackle did it. It was fun and usually non stop action when you find a school. One year when we went over the school all four rods would get hit.
  10. I also heard they are bad at trolling but that was a 17' boat. Also they suck down gas but maybe a diesel is different
  11. A pro bass fisherman was just caught cheating but hasn't been charged yet. This article also talks about other anglers cheating and being charged with felony contest fraud. http://www.bassfan.com/news_article.asp?ID=3679
  12. the COs had their side arms on them too. i've never got stopped out in the big lake yet but last year i was checked three times and this year twice
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