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    I have been Salmon fishing for 20 years in Michigan and love to fish with others.
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    I grew up on a lake and learned to fish and hunt in the Adirondack Mountains.
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  1. I previously posted this, but had my old email address on my profile, so I didn't receive any replies. I am looking for a non-smoking mate to work on a salmon fishing charter boat based in manistee. we book trips from the end of July through aug/September. I pay 50$/half day plus tips. This is on a 29 foot cruisers with autopilot. Call or email me if you are interested. 989-928-2810. I usually book 20-40 trips during those months.
  2. I am looking for a non-smoking mate to work on a salmon fishing charter boat based in manistee. we book trips from the end of July through aug/September. I pay 50$/half day plus tips. This is on a 29 foot cruisers with autopilot. Call or email me if you are interested. 989-928-2810. I usually book 20-40 trips during those months.
  3. What's up Capt Ed??? Not much here. Just waitin for the weekend and counting my crankbaits. lol

  4. Welcome to glf. Did you post that pic you sent me of the 12 pound walleye you caught Saturday?

  5. Good morning, I run a charter out of Linwood Beach marina. and am looking for a first mate for the remainder of the month of june. This has worked well for retired folks in the past. If you are interested then please give me a call on my cell. I will be out fishing the next few days. I specifically need someone for tomorrow. I am not considering the first person that calls, but am looking for a customer friendly, seasoned fisherman, not a cranky old crumudgeon like myself (just kidding). My cell phone is 989-928-2810. Thanks CaptEd
  6. On Saturday, April 18th, I couldn't get out early as planned, but I did make it out walleye fishing out of Linwood Beach Marina about 4pm. I headed south and started trolling in 13 fow about half way to the Kawkawlin river mouth. We trolled south without success for 30 minutes, then we trolled west directly into the wind, and picked up our first walleye on a orange crawler harness with a one ounce bottom bouncer, trolling at 1 mph. We marked the spot and trolled for another five minutes and turned around. The wind changed from the west to NE and started blowing about 20 - 30 knots. We pulled lines and headed to port. I talked with a buddy who was out there in that vicinity from 9am - 4pm and he pulled in 10 fish using crawler harness's and husky jerks in 14 fow. I passed him in the parking lot - he was leaving as I was arriving. I was checking out the weather report and it is going to be breezy and we will get some rain showers the next few days, but the long range forecast looks good for next weekend. I hope to be out there then. Capt. Ed http://www.saginawbay-fishing.com
  7. June 7, 2008 Fishing in Manistee has improved with the south wind, but the big fish have not arrived yet. Our best baits were Stinger's Blue Killer, NBK, and a green / White ProKing with some silver prism tape added to the back of the lure. Almost all the fish came on the riggers 99-110 feet over 150 -250 fow. There were no hits on the dipsy's, sliders or shallow downriggers. We had multiple rips on the lead core, but we only managed to hook up on one steelhead. The Blue Killer accounted for most of the fish, and it didn't seem to matter whether we fished a magnum or regular size lure. NBK took 1 steelhead, and the Proking took a steelhead and a salmon. I did have blue bubble on a lead core and a downrigger, but it didn't bring one fish to the boat. Watch out for the net at 16.5 in 230 fow. It is not listed on the internet.
  8. Lynn, Matt, Ray and I put the charter boat in the water today and set out for a morning of fishing. We marked thousands of fish, but only 3 strikes all morning. I heard a couple guys did better a little north of the harbor, using a blue nbk, and also a blue bubble on a slider off the main line that was down 150 feet over 190 fow. They took all kings using that setup. We took a couple fish using lead core, only the full core hit though using mixed a vegetable lure. Great day, but the north wind made for some slow fishing. We did run out to 250 fow 2X, but no takers each time, including with a slider, but then we were south of the harbor. I checked the weather and 5 out of the next 7 days we will have a south wind. That will be great for fishing, as I would expect the big fish to migrate up this week. Expect to see some good reports coming real soon.
  9. I fished the shelve from 40 fow to 170 fow from 7 -8 am. One king hit as we were pulling lines. We went out to 600 fow and trolled east. We caught our limit, 9 steelhead in all, and only lost 2 fish. Check out the pics on the web site. I will have to post a picture from my fishfinder on my web site to show what massive schools of baitfish we have in Manistee right now. That is probably why the kings didn't bite this morning. When we were out at 600 fow, the seagulls were diving and feeding on bait on the surface. The fish we caught had 2 inch alewives in them, but the schools weren't massive there like in 40 - 100 fow. It made the bottom at 60 feet appear like it was at 40 feet. The water temp in 60 fow was 64.5, at 600 fow, it was 61.4 on the surface which was where we caught all the fish. I ran 2 colors, 3 colors, 5 colors, and 7 colors of lead and they all produced equally. 6 were on lead core, 4 were on riggers. Orange and chrome prokings, green and black prokings, bumblebee - proking: see the pattern, small lures, I did not catch one fish on a magnum.
  10. I fished from the pierheads into the lake this evening for two hours. I casted in the lake for 30 minutes. I marked a huge number of fish, but no takers. Then I trolled and picked up 2 nice shiny kings in the channel to the lake. Both came on j-plugs, white with a black ladder back.
  11. 6/23/2007 Jim, Tom and I went out fishing this morning and for the first time this year we got a early morning bite. It was short but we welcomed it. The fish came on the downriggers up set at 39 feet down and 120 feet back on Sister Sludge silver streak lures in 120 fow. The next best bait was the silver streak Diamondback which we had out on 10 colors of leadcore which accounted for 3 of the 6 fish we caught this morning. We did not go out to the 39's like the tournament fisherman and charters, who only caught an occasional steelhead and many lakers all in the 3-6 pound range. It seems like schools of 3 year old salmon are moving around and it was feast or famine depending on whether you found a good location. We took a couple of pics, but we were there for the fishing not the photos. There were new nets placed in the last couple of days. See the new locations at http://www.fishwithcaptained.com/Nets.html
  12. That silver streak spoon that has been hot is called a cottonmouth. Also the diamondback was hitting good, but a fish broke the line 2 weeks ago and swam off with it. Here is a link to it (go to page 6): http://www.wolverinetackle.com/appiesnet/gallery/fishing-lures
  13. Fishing started out fine this morning in Manistee. The fish were hitting, however it was a scool of 2 year old kings from 12-16 inches. We couldn't keep them off the hooks. We left that area and trolled further south and got into some 3 year olds. They put up a good fight, but were only 3-6 pounds each. We kept trolling south, and finally found 1 four year old king. All the 3 and 4 year old fish came on green dolphins, blue dolphins or a white sliver streak spoon with little rectangular squares with yellow and orange in the center. Same lure did well in my last post here. Again the ticket today was lead core 3 - 10 colors, running 3.1 to 3.5 mph (really flying). They wouldn't bite when going slow (only 1 laker going slow). The slide diver back 100 and down 100 hit 3 times with a bumblebee lure on it. We ended up 9 for 10. I'll post some pics tomorrow on my site. I also updated the tribal fishing net link on my site. Those new nets in the 13's and 14's both appear to be trap nets, and are almost 3 tenths of a mile square. with flags at each corner. Watch out for the net in the 14's as the large flag on the northwest corner is not the furthest buoy to the west. There is a little buoy with about 100 feet of rope 200 yards west of the flag, and is easy to miss. http://www.fishwithcaptained.com/Nets.html
  14. In the US we are required to post the emergency procedure checklist. It goes over: radio/telephone distress procedures, man overboard, explosion, Fires, Leak or damage control. To supplement that I usually show them where each of the folowing is located: emergency beacon, throw rope, life ring, fire estinguishers, pfd's, and first aid supplies.
  15. 5/26/2007 The day started out with a nice steelhead @ 5:45am and finished with a 8 pound lake trout at 11am. In between Madison and his friends caught 8 Salmon. We finished 11 of 12 strikes, but threw back a shaker so we ended up with 10 fish. Go to http://www.fishwithcaptained.com/gallery.html to view the photos. A tournament had a shotgun start around 7am, and the boats roared by us. They went out to deeper water, while we fished in 80-120 feet and had a triple shortly after they passed us. 8 of the 11 fish came on leadcore using orange color combinations. We had a triple once we turned and trolled west. We ciurcled around and trolled east - with no luck. We went to 60 feet and turned around and trolled west again and had a double going. Great morning, low waves, and good company for a fun trip.
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