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  1. Will be in Whitehall on 7/11, hope the fishing gets a little better in that area by then. Can't complain though in the 7yrs I've been goin to the area haven't had a bad trip yet. Of course though how can you beat 9 days of fishing. Will be fishing off the Fisher Girl 1 and Fisher Girl 2 and hopefully get a chance to fish with Tackle Shop. Long ride from Delaware but well worth it. Good luck guys, only six more days and I'll be joinin in on the fun.:D:D:D Sorry guys kinda put this post in wrong place.
  2. bdunn73

    Flasher with leadcore?

    Thanks for the insight. Back home we don't have the depth of water so we usually run shallow umbrellas. This downrigger lead core stuff is quite different. Once again thank all of you for the help.
  3. bdunn73

    Flasher with leadcore?

    It is suposed to say flasher/dodger I'm sorry for the spelling.
  4. Does anyone use this setup and if so are your results good? I'm new to the game of Great lakes fishing. Long time Striper fisherman from the east coast (Delaware). If someone could give me some insight I would greatly appreciate it. With just flies or can I use spoons also. Thank you.