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  1. Boltman, that the beauty of this website. Always run flies with a flasher!!!
  2. Fishon bait and tackle has a HUGE selection. And they give you charter reports!!
  3. Hey you guys i have a quick question. Do you troll spoons faster than flasher flies and plugs?
  4. Do you guys think the nets in between grand haven and muskegon will be removed?
  5. One day i put two out on each side of the boat, every other one had one in the action hole and the other two had less action hole. Less action hole seemed to be best.
  6. Dont worry I just got a used 840 head with new cables, triducer, and a X-4D probe for $250. Great Dallas huh? Haha
  7. Sorry for all these updates about my fish hawk, I know you are annoyed. I have a cannon down rigger I will use to put my probe on, and it comes with the cannon terminator clip, (which has not busted or came open yet on me) I will attach my X-4 probe to. I am nervous the extra weight with the probe on the terminator clip it might come open, (I am just nervous having a $250 probe on my downrigger.) What snap or system would you recommend for snapping the main downrigger cable to the probe? Thanks
  8. Hey guys as most of you know from my earlier post I ordered a fish hawk 840 unit cables mount and probe from Russell gahgan for $250. I got everything I asked for but one thing the 840 probe. BUT HE SENT ME AN X-4 PROBE!!! This is a recommendation to capt. Russell! !
  9. Got a late start after church went out at 1:30-5. We started at 185fow and worked out to 210 before we go our first hit on the diver. We went 6-7 all kings over 13lbs! South east troll wast the best but go a fish on a west and a south. We could only catch fish on meat on divers on a 1 1/2 setting out 189 and the other out 223. 223 diver was a 8" dreamcatcher spinny and a uv on ice meat rig. 189 diver was a 8" live wire spinny and a uv green meat rig. We targeted bigger kings because the meat was going so speed was 1.9 to 2.2 was best sog. Speed at ball was 2.2-2.4. Great day on the pond!
  10. Had a pretty good day. Fished 60-120 120 being best. 5-8 9lb steel. Five color. 10lb king five color. 16lb king five color. 3lb lake trout rigger on bottom with tin can and a spin n glow. Small king we let go. Ten color early had a slap on the diver back 87. had another slap shortly after that on rigger down 43. south troll was by far the best!!!
  11. Thanks guys really appreciate it. make sure you contact capt. Russell and buy some gear. He has some silver horde plugs the guys over here in michigan dont have.
  12. Hey guys, I just purchased a fish hawk 840 from capt. Russell on Anglers Avenue for $250. I was looking for one and this was a great deal. One question is I know the 840 probe isn't as good as the x4 probe but how long do the batteries last? And also can I buy an x4 probe for the 840 unit and wiring system. Thanks
  13. Just for more info rob, i use the method that every color add 4 or 5 feet in depth.
  14. Hey Matt does northwoods have a website??
  15. Hey you guys i was just looking back on last year and was thinking i was trolling too slow. I dont have a Fish hawk but i have a lowrance hds8. If you coud answer these questions i would appreciate it. ( I will post some reports when i get up in Michigan.) 1.) do the lowrance hds surface speeds tend to be low compared to a fish hawk? 2.) when trolling the pier heads do people troll slower due to no down currents? 3.) what apprx degree angle should my downrigger cable be if i am trolling a 10lb cannon ball? 4.) if fishing grand haven what is the average down speen diffrance from your speed over ground? example: 2.8sog to 2.4 down speed going with the current with the difference of .4.:confused:
  16. Ill give it a try next weekend. Do you have the coordinates on that hole?
  17. Hey guys I have been looking at fish hawks for a while now and I think it would be a good investment. I am looking for a used X-4 but I cannot find any. I cant afford to pay $600 on a unit right now, so I was wondering if you know of any one or any place I can buy a used a X-4 for a max price of $475-500, all help is appreciated.
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