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  1. Chandler what depth of water south of P.S, and are you fishing any kind of structure?
  2. Also I want two drift socks for my 18' 90hp Lund. I need two because I want it to balance out. My boat jumps from 2.3-2.4sog to 3.9-4.6sog i want to get it down to 2.5-3.0sog
  3. I do best in rough conditions. my boat tends to troll slower because i have a 90horse so this year i am getting some drift socks so when its calm my boat will be trolling at 4mph i can add drft socks to get it down to 2.6-3.0sog.
  4. Green bead marage is great behind a Seneca special spinnie nailer
  5. Mine poofster blue pearl beads in a pattern:thumb: oceana blue green bead in pattern:lol: Dont know why but cant get hits on yellow beaded flies on sunny day. again list your best bead fly combos.
  6. I think i had my best season, with 28 trips i only lost a dw ss criegs steelhead, pearl 8in spinny and poofster fly. all year long. AMAZING!!!:thumb::thumb::lol::thumb:
  7. Rapture only, with the exception for the BW poofster and frosted phil!!!
  8. :hi::fool:This will be my 6th season coming up, and now that i am pretty confident in my trout and salmon skills, I want to extend my skills into the lake michigan perch fishery. I would be fishing grand haven/port Sheldon. If you guys could tell me: 1.)how to fish them, 2.)what baits to use like worms, minnows, etc. 3.)what temperature of water they like, 4.)when they start comig towards the mudline and bubbler, and 5.)some spots around the area in grand haven/ port sheldon they hang around. i know the bubbler and the mud line is good i also herd there was a hole by bilmar restrant the perch like to hang around. Again if you could answer my questons i would greatly appreciate it.
  9. 8" I can't make it to the show. How much will it be?
  10. Basically anything. I run 11" paddles which have the most pull.
  11. No, just spinnies. 4 fin sides and 4 back sides. Thank you for doing this.
  12. Big weenie I would like the UV crush tape and, 4 front and 4 backs. How much will it be?
  13. Big weenie i am definately going to buy the chrome and green meat heads along with the uv crush heads. one question for you, do you have any spin doctor blank uv crush tape i could purchase?
  14. Ok, i checked big weenie website and they dont have blanks.
  15. Does any one know where i can find UV crush spin doctor and paddle tape?:confused:
  16. I love the way the flies turned out too. Can you guys recommend the best color meat heads for those teasers? And where to get them?
  17. Long lines its easy. Take a inch piece of clear tube put a small dab of hot glue on the tube then hold your Mylar end on the glue. After thirty second wrap it around the tube applying a small dab of hot glue every wrap. Then at the end hot glue the end to your wrapped mylar hold it then take thread and wrapped it.vote your thread off then apply head cement.
  18. Have spring fever so I tied up some meat teasers.
  19. Hey you guys i just started using meat rigs last july through august. They worked great when the morning bite shut off! How early in the year do you start noticing kings like meat rigs, and list a couple meat rig flasher fly combos you like.
  20. Michael Jackson bad is pretty bad. More like tiger woods.
  21. I have a 10 color, 300 copper 45lb, 225 copper 45lb, 6 color, 4 color, 3 color and a 2 color. Now i have been assuming the 300 copper will get me down 70-80ft and the 225 will get me down 55-60ft and the lead core gets me down 4-5 foot a color, assuming on the conditions. what would be the depth if i ran a 8in spin doctor on the 300 copper, 225 copper, and the 10 color lead core? Also would it be ok to run a 300 copper with a spin doctor, and a 10 color with a spin doctor next to each other? Thanks and come on spring!!!
  22. Ubdsol1 would you happen to know his charter name/ contact information?
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