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  1. Great weekend to be out there. In two days i hooked 32 fish
  2. Great job! Those big kings are out there you just have to find them
  3. We killed the crap outta big kings this weekend in shallow. Down temp was cold and they were on the bottom
  4. Friday night: 4-6 with chandler. Mud to 110fow is where we caught out fish. Saturday moring: 11-11 two man limit by 9:30 had to let go a shaker. Fished 25-65fow. Riggers 28 and 19 down. 5 color, 2, and 3 colors were hot. Saturday: charter with desprado. 6-11 big kings 45-65fow 10 color wonderbread hot. Lost our whole rig when big king almost spooled us! Riggers with yellow and mix veggie spoons. Great weekend of fishing!! Lots of 12-17 lbers!! A 5lb brown in the mud too.
  5. Another good method is a tin can with a yellow meat head fyi
  6. Thank you seacatmitch. Appreciate the quantity information
  7. Hey guys i need to know if the traxstech rod holders will fit on the berts track. We were given a pair of 5' track and we didnt know if we could get those traxstech rod holders on em. Also I've herd those berts tracks run a little wider but i didnt know if that was true. Any help is appreciated!
  8. Nice job Bill. Glad to see the trout rebounding so well
  9. Hey guys selling some of my baits because money is hard to come by right now. These spoons and flashers have all caught fish. Im not selling any individual items, i am selling it as a whole for $110. I also have a plug that's not in the picture that i will throw in. Its a glow plug with a green back and black ladderback.
  10. Yeah they were snappin this morning. I made sure they were coho too, cuz usually you get small kings this time of the year
  11. Wen out this morning and trolled everywhere. Trolled an hour on the beach, 50fow, the mud everywhere. Only got 6 coho. Nice ones 1-3 lbs. Had 8 hits all together. We got all our hits in the mud from 29-35fow. Everyone was spread out so no one really was doin any good here were the hot baits. Stingers did well
  12. Hey guys flew into Muskegon at 1, so my uncle and i decided to try to get a shake down cruise in. Got on the water about 3:30 and fished the beach for an hour and didnt get squat so we ran to the mud in 40 fow. Right away we had a triple and landed a 3lb king on a mix veggies. 10min later we picked up a brown on a stinger uv perch and lost one on a flat line. Going out in the morning, wish me luck.
  13. Hey you guys i have posted a couple times already about how i am looking for a captain this summer. If anyone is interested please contact me at 704-230-7693. Thank you, any info is appreciated!!!!
  14. Ahh darn. Thanks for the information though!
  15. Ok, do you think the grand haven boat launch pass will work? Im pretty sure its a dnr launch site
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