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  1. Thanks you guys for the info. I will definitely give big Pappas a call.
  2. Nice boat. I am a small boat owner too. Love only paying $25 for a full day of troll!!
  3. Hey you guys just thought I would share some pictures of my boat with its new great lakes planers rod trees. I put extra backing on them and they are so though I can do chin ups on them. They are awesome!!!!
  4. Im in marco island Florida right now and haven been slamming the spanish mackerel on purchasers off the beach. Caught a five foot lemon shark too.
  5. Get Great lakes Planners. I orderd them a week ago and they are amazing. Also they are half the price of other rod trees.
  6. Hey you guys i am going trough my check list of thing i need this season and i was thinking about getting some trolling bags after i found a little bit of miosture in my fluid tubes after trolling with out getting the engine heated up. I have a 2012 starweld 18 with a mercury 90hp efi engine on it, i dont have a fish hawk or down temp system but i do have a lowrance HDS8. The lowrance unit is great, i am just having my doubts about my speed. I seem to be trolling on the slower side after i have watched some salmon showdown videos where thier divers are pulling harder than mine would, and also thier coppers are bent a little more and bouncing harder. I know there are down currents and waves are a factor but i just seem to be trolling a tad too slow. Back to the main question, i want two bags because it seems more stable for the boat and also my boat speed jumps from 2.2-2.6 to 3.8-4.1, I cant get it in the middle. oh and also i seem to do better when fishing on wavy days because i notice the wave pushes the boat which gets the speed up more. So with that information what size bags should i get if i am getting 2? Would the higher rpms help heat the engine up more? And would higher rpms affect the catch rates, or am i questioning myself too much. In the end i am getting bags but what sizes? Thanks fo your time.
  7. OH i know i just wanted to get everyone in the spring mood. Everyone reading this look at the wind direction before you go out, if there is any west wind don not go!
  8. I saw on Grand Haven steelheaders webcam there was no ice out in front!!!!!! Im getting my bird trees installed then hitting the big lake for some sand bar trout. :eek: CANT WAIT, NEW SEASON!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks soo much. I called them and ordered the removable cylinder base.
  10. Seacetmitch what's that one in th picture that's what I want. And does it come in the standard price posted on the website or do you have to order it separate?
  11. can i have it installed with the regular base and just slide it in a regular track??
  12. Hey guys i am ordering a 2 rod bird tree from greatlakes planners website. what base should i get to fit in a piece of 6" track??? Do all thier rod holders, trees, and mast fit in a track standard?? need answered fast!
  13. Hey i wanna go can i run down from grand haven or too much ice? i can always launch out of P.S.
  14. Yeah that would be fun to fish together this summer (when i have a day off from first mating.) My phone # is 7042307693.
  15. Hey matt i have been getting the three packs from corey and willis down at fish on. thanks though
  16. Only rapture flies. hate those eagle claws, all others get sharpend. I use VMCs because 25 of them on ebay size #2 is $12.00 and they are sharp.
  17. HATE those things!!!!!!!! Ill see what days i have to work, but so far ill be there.
  18. ok, Im having a hard time trying to figure out why the fish would hold in that 20fow as to the miles of 20fow in the vicnity.
  19. Do they hold there because there is a drop off, or why do they hold there? Sorry for the ?s but thanks for your time.
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