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  1. Fished the Pere Marquette river from 7:30am to 1:30. We landed 8 out of the 25 we hooked. We fished the fly only section so our set up was a 10wt with a chuck and duck rig. Fish were moving on the gravel till about 8:20 then they started to hole up. Most of the fish were 13-16 lbs but we did land one around 19lbs. There were also a couple nice browns hanging back behind the kings feeding on the loose eggs. Overall the run wasn't the best but we did manage to hook a good amount of fish.
  2. Fun night with family last night. 8-8. Fished 80-140. Spin doctors with yellow meat rigs were good on divers 170 back. Riggers 40-100 down with white flies were hot. South troll was best.
  3. Haha now i have 2 trips Saturday! My parents are in town so maybe we could meet for lunch or something
  4. Yeah there is a thermal down 50ft. Most of our fish are coming right out of that thermal or below it. Right now we are basically running all spin doctors plugs and meat.
  5. We caught fish in 80-160fow. We also caught fish at the start of the dunes to the light house
  6. Sorry for the late report!!. Went 9-13. Fishin was on the slower side so we pulled lines at 10:00 and went to breakfast. Yellow meat rigs with fat nacy spin doctors worked well on deep coppers. Riggers 40-80 down all took fish with meat rigs and 200coppers with small plugs also took fish. It was nice to fish the rough water in a 43ft tiara though.
  7. Nice lil night out last night in close. 40-60 fow. Flashers spoons and plugs went. 12-17 all nice kings and steelhead. Big white paddle on chute tangerines on diver out 50 were best.
  8. I wouldn't say awesome haha. Some really nice fish out there and a TON of bait!
  9. Had a double today. Fished the mud in the morning for four hours and went 8-10 with some quality fish. Meat and flies worked best 70 back on divers and 40 down on riggers. Tonight fishing was tough but ended up 5-8. Meat on divers 120 back and 300s with spinnies. We fished 90-140 but our best action was 130.
  10. Well if your trout fishing you are seeing some good action in 85-125. Anything on bottom will catch them but peanuts and spin n glos are working best. Couple kings on meat rigs and spoons. Not alot of steel
  11. I was in 80-140. But 96 was hot. Ill tell you what was hot if you text me at 704-230-7693
  12. Went out for a short evening trip from 6-9. Went 8-11 both kings hit braid divers with meat. And all the trout hit trash on bottom.
  13. They are doin good in south haven on yellow meat rigs
  14. $80. These are all TOP OF THE LINE salmon spoons/plugs/flashers. All have caught fish. Contact me at 7042307693
  15. When fish are scattered its hard to get a pattern going unless you find a school. I bet many guys got skunked this weekend so dont get down on yourself.
  16. Hey guys still looking for a captain this summer for willing and able sport fishing charters out of grand isle marina. Its a beautiful 33 taira open with all raymarine cannon and traxstech gear! Log on to willingandablesportfishing.com to view details. Contact me at 704-230-7693
  17. Thank you guys for your feed back! I am the same way, id rather let a throw back go than see him suffer in the cooler. Also in the back of my mind i know in three years that fish will be a line peeler.
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