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  1. Thanks for the offer Mike, but I am out of town this weekend. I would love to ride along sometime, and would be happy share the gas bill and then some. Maybe next week or the week after. Thanks again!
  2. Wow! I didn't expect this kind of response and help! Follow up question, when fishing lead core or copper do you use planner boards and if so do you attach the boards to the lead core or copper or the the backing after all the lead core or copper is out? Thanks again for your help!
  3. I'm brand new to this Big Lake fishing and am learning as I go. I just found this site and it has been really helpful! I'm bound to ask some stupid questions and here comes the first one: What does it mean when someone says they caught them on one color or 2 colors and so on? Thanks in advance!
  4. Can you tell me what it means when someone says 1 color or 2 colors? I'm new to this big lake stuff and trying to learn. Thanks, for the report and help!
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