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  1. Ok but where can i get the recreation passport? Thanks for the info by the way. Last year we paid at the launch site and it was $24 i dont know the circumstances because my uncle bought it.
  2. And can i just buy it at the launch?
  3. Hey guys i know the rates have been going up (especially at the grand haven launch), my question to you is if i buy a pass for $90 at the grand haven launch can i use that pass for the port sheldon launch? I didnt know if they were both dnr launch sites. Also how much is it for a yearly pass for the port sheldon launch pass, and where can i get it at? Thank you
  4. Thank you for the info

  5. I have not done a very well job at contributing either. I have written a couple reports here and there, but once this season kicks off I will try my best to write a report after every charter/fun fish out on the lake. I see that the more experienced fisherman on this site have no problems with writing reports, but i also see the greenhorns on this site that don't put many fish in the box are just looking for free information. End game is members just have to take ten minutes after fishing to write a decent report, no matter how many fish you put in the boat. That is what makes this site!
  6. Hey jom bobber, its young gun. My friend chandler and i are going buy an air brush kit to paint our own blanks. We know the basic ropes, but we dont know how to exactly do it. We are going to buy a small compressor with a six ft hose. My questions to you are..

    1. What air brush sprayer or type tip do you use?

    2. Where do you buy your paint and tape?

    3. What are the steps of painting your spoons? Paint, tape if you want, then clear coat?

    4. Do you need to clean your air brush after every color?

    5. Where can you find uv clear coats?

    6. Will the paint stick to the straight spoon or do you need to do prep work before?

    All will be appreciated, thanks.


  7. Hey guys just wanted to let you know that Russell Gahagan has all the new colors, and also his personal custom colors on the anglers avenue pro shop website. I Worked with Russell to make the new mud lover plugs and they are everything i asked for and more. Cant wait to test them out this season. Click on over to AnglersAvenueproshop.com and get yourself some new hot baits:thumb:.
  8. Hey guys know alot of you are going to the Grand Rapids sportsman show. Unfortunately i can not go, so post some pictures of some new products, lure colors etc. s
  9. Live wire spinny seneca special spinny chrome frog spinny white crush spiny showtime spinny dreamcatcher spinny pearl fishscale paddle 11" yellow jeans paddle 8" And a lot more
  10. Hey you guys didn't know if we had any captains here that would like to be on a 33ft tiara this upcoming summer out of Grand Haven MI. The business is called willing and able sport fishing charters and is docked at grand isle marina. Contact me from this phone number 704-230-7693.
  11. Tekota 800s are the best but okuma connectors work great for half the price.
  12. http://www.boattrader.com/listing/1993-Tiara-3600-Open-102115352
  13. Hey you guys as we all know summer will come around the corner faster than it is expected. Well anyway I mate on the O-Fishal-buisness charter boat which is owned by Jerry Cannon. Last year late in the season we had some personal issues with our licensed captain so Jerry, (the owner of the boat), had to let him go. We are looking for a Michigan charter boat association licensed captain who knows how to operate a 33 tiara open. The boat is docked at Grand Isle Marina and the boat has radar, ray marine electronics, traxstech rod holders, cannon down riggers, and lots of tackle! Tom Doss the owner of pro king lures sponsored our boat also. Email me any questions if you are interested and I can give you Jerry Cannons phone number. [email protected] Here is our website:http://www.willingandablefishingcharters.com/contact.html
  14. I use the 200 setting on my lowrance hds8 . Works great!
  15. Hey capt russle could you hold a 600lc for me for one or two days?
  16. Thanks something fishy. Till the ice comes in ill be out there as much as possible!
  17. Hey guys got out on the lake for the day. Worked that 180- 215 the whole time. No drastic changes in the down temperature. One rigger down 45 with a stinger uv gator and a mix veggie uv on a fixed slider. That combo went 3 times. The other rigger with a white crush spiny and a hypnosis fly down 69, that went two times. Divers had meat. Divers took 5 hits all together. Ran a 5 color mix veggie, 75 copper blue veggie, 300 copper fat nacy spin doctor pickle sunshine action fly, and a 215 copper with a moonshine wonder bread. The boards took 7 hits. We ended the day going 11- 15, great day, and lots of steel! Sorry for the late report school has gotten in the way!
  18. Convectors are great but okuma coldwaters are smoother and only 10-20$ more.
  19. I had one fish while I was mating rip out 810 feet of line and I told the client lock the drag so he did and he busted off the mix veggie on a five color. When you get one on that's hot you just have to hope the fish will eventually cowaperate!!!
  20. Capt. Misher why is it can't seem to get any hits on michigan stinger lures aka the spoon so called the uv gator, race car, and pickle seed. I catch all my fish on dreamweaver spoons. Thanks for all your help on GLF you are a great part of this community. :P:split::big_boss::big_boss::big_boss::big_boss:

  21. Great job nick!! Like to see those sunset shots!!
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