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  1. Was definitely slower, we got fish from 3 color to 7 the last night we got 2 (our biggest fish) 110 down on rigger big paddles and Rapture pink and green glowing fly.
  2. 22 for 33 Saturday afternoon 1:30-9 (had to run in early nave lights went out)or we would have finished the 5 man box. 12-13 Sunday 6:30-10:30 pm 3,5,7,8 color lead, riggers 55 and 70 w/free sliders, slide divers 90-120 back on a 4 setting all took fish. Mag spoons on all, fish were spitting large alewife's up. I believe the count was 2 lake trout, 4 steelhead, 6 coho, and the rest kings from 10-22 lbs..
  3. Good luck hunters, the next 2 weeks are going to take forever! Can't wait for the 15th to get here.
  4. please email me pictures and also the answers to above questions. Ty [email protected]
  5. No, this is our first trip for Muledeer and Antelope.
  6. Thanks, good luck to you too. Let me know how you do or if you think of anything I need to know. Appreciate any and all info
  7. 15th, we have wall tent and small camper. Thinking about bringing the camper for a base camp on BLM. We are also prepared to spike camp in if we find a location to stay a day or two.
  8. Great, we are hunting Muledeer first, just going to shoot a few doe antilope for meat if we tag out early on deer. I got the chip in my GPS this weekend. Also have downloaded map overlays for everything on google earth, even the hunt units.
  9. anyone ever hunt general region Y in Wyoming or area 20 for Antelope? This fall will be my first time in Wyoming and we are going at it on our own. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance Dan
  10. 6 for 8 yesterday. 1- steelhead, 1-coho, 2 lakers lot 2 other steelhead too 11am-1pm came for with a chummer. Fed, re hydrated, motion pills in them and out to the bank for the last 2 1/2 hours one shaker King and a 12 lbs. steelhead was the only hits 90 to 200 and back to 80 at dark south half way to the point. Went offshore today, just me and the wife 6 boards 1-4 color lead went 10 for 22. Warrior flutter spoons - Steelhead Candy and Mix Veg. where best at 3.3 -3.7 sog 6 steelhead, 1 laker and 3 kings. 2 where jacks that went back one was 10 lbs. and skinny. 8am-12:30pm fun. Lake was glass and sun was hot. I'll be back Wednesday night - Sunday Renegade is ready to pile up some silver!
  11. Does anyplace overthere have meat available after 7 or 8 pm?
  12. anything special working out there? Im taking my wife and assistant over this weekend. haven't fished out of Manistee in 4 or 5 years
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