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  1. Set lines at 630 and had 2 in the boat by 7am, then not even a hit until we pulled lines at 1030. 1st fish was a coho on a blue meat rig 55ft down on rigger 2nd was a nice king, 65 down on rigger on a green/orange spoon, unsure of the name.
  2. Fished from 630 to 930 tonight and went 3 for 3. 1st king came on a downrigger at 70 with blue meat rig in 120ft of water 2nd was a steelhead on a 350 copper green flasher and fly in 90 ft of water Last was a small king, pulling in the last rigger it decided to hit, again on blue meat rig, 75 ft of water about 70 down Sure was bouncy out there in my 23 footer. All fish came on southeast troll because its the only heading I could hold
  3. When you guys are running flashers and flys/meat rigs how far behind the dipsy do you run the flasher?
  4. Tough day out there today for me. Couldnt get anything to go. Trolled everwhere from 60 to 130, marked most in 60 to 80 range but couldn't get anything. Owell, theres always tommorrow. Anyone doing decent out of Grand Haven?
  5. Went out this morning solo for a few hours. Ended up with 1 coho on a purple/pink spoon (unsure of name) on a rigger 30 down in 55. Had a nice king on in 70ft of water on a 200copper when the splint ring on the spoon decided to break. Frustrating. King was on a mixed veggie. Little bumpy out there today
  6. Went out this morning before the wind kicked up. Only went 1 for 1, a small coho in 45 ft of water on a 3 color clown spoon. Marked fished everywhere from 15ft to 55ft just couldn't get anything to go. All in all a great first trip, boat ran great
  7. Got on the water before sunrise and set lines in 90 ft. First hit in 110 rigger down 85. Continued to 130 steadily taking fish. Ended 7 for 9. Most fish on riggers down 80 to 90 with green spoons. 400 and 300 copper also got fish. Great morning on the water. Hopefully not the last.
  8. Nice work. I plan on going out tommorrow. All your fish were down 100? Anything on coppers or leadcores?
  9. Went out this morning to try and beat the weather. After scrapping the ice off the windshield we made our way out to 90 ft with a west troll. Marked a lot of fish, first to go off was rigger down 55 with a Mongolian beef. In 110 another hit on rigger down 70 with orange crush, king lost at the back of the boat. Then had 2 hits on a Carmel dolphin on 8 color. Fought both for about a min or so when they came unbuckled. All in all a nice 2 hours on the water
  10. Is the program the same? Spoons, meat, plugs? Do you use more lead and short coppers?
  11. I am fishing out of grand haven. Are they that far north in October? I am planning on going out tonight but dont really want to fish the channel. Can you still get steelies and young kings out deeper?
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