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  1. I agree, twice I tried to release a fish and watched it float as we drove away, circled around and it was still there. If it's on the hook, it goes in the box.
  2. Its why they call it fishing and not catching... still jealous you went fishing.
  3. Dan, if you look under the man forum for "South Haven Fishing League" you will see some past reports done by several of guys who fished the previous events.
  4. Well done, I thought that was you guys at the boat launch last night but was not sure enough to say hey.
  5. Well done Terry and crew!! I second Phil, really appreciate the detailed report.
  6. Another vote on the Great Lakes Planers.
  7. Thanks Nick, it looks we are headed there late July now, I will definitly give you a shout prior to pick your brain. Thanks again
  8. Good Point! I never thought about that angle??
  9. Thank you to everyone!! This website is a great group of people. I think we are going to change trips and camp in the UP for the week of the 4th, then take two looong weekends to fish both Ludingtion and Manistee.
  10. Thank you! I really appreciate that!! We are camping at Insta Lunch?? campground. Never been to it , any insite on insta launch or other good oppurtunitys? Do you think a 21' trophy will be able to make it from that campground out to the lake or will I have to pull it out?
  11. We are camping in Manistee, but could easily trailer down......hopefully the bit moves north in the next 2 weeks.
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