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  1. Left sunday with a friend headed to traverse city salmon fishing in the rivers and streams. This is a kind of fishing that i have never done and i am so glad that i went. The rivers and streams were loaded with kings, pinks, and cohos, by the thousands. We fished around the traverse city and glen arbor area including the platte river, mitchell, crystal,boardman, and mainistee. We were very picky on the fish we keep because some of the kings and cohos were starting to turn black but at the same time there was constant pushes of fresh silver fish up the rivers and those are the ones we targeted. We landed over 200 fish and hooked prolly 200 more, we came home with our 30 fish for our 3 days of fishing all nice silver fish too. The kings we kept were between 18 and 26 pounds and the cohos were 7 to 12 pounds with 1 coho over 14 pounds. It was crazy fishing in streams the size of a double lane road in ankle to knee deep water with thousands of fish only feet away, I have never fought a fish like these salmon in michigan in my life, when you hook them they scream 100 yards of line off the rod straight up stream through tunnels, trees and damns, flipping out of the air the whole time. It was a great trip now i need to rest my arms and shoulders.
  2. I fished out the steeples 3 or 4 weeks ago and did very well, once you find them we just stay like a quarter mile off the steeples on 1 of the 3 sides or all 3 sides, we usually get rite up to them and mark that way we can troll up to a couple hundred yards away from them, we rarely ever troll over them, we troll around them, you can check my post BIG CHARITY AT LAST, IF YOU DONT FIND ANY FISH OUT THERE TRY OFF OAK POINT
  3. I could believe that north towards the point of au gres is the only clear water we could find
  4. I wasnt far from au gres when we really started catching them
  5. Went out of sebewaing this morning at 9 and got back to shore at 530 this evening then headed to cheeseburger in caseville. Well the bay is extremly muddy to the south and as far north as 3 miles past buoys 1 and 2. We found clear water about 11 this morning about 3 to 4 miles north of buoys 1 and 2 in 28 to 32 fow. Once we started fishing the clearer water we started catching nice eyes, speed and colors were a must. We put 25 fish in the box but it was not that easy, ran 3 boards off both sides and 2 lines off each downrigger, plus 2 long lines, the fish wanted 1.1 to 1.5 dragging the bottom to 10 foot off the bottom. Good colors were blueberry muffin, pinks with white, siberian tiger, pink panties and firetiger, ran 1.5 oz bouncers 70 to 100 off the boards. Theres still alot of fish out there just gotta find em and stay out of the muddy water, the water temp was 69.
  6. Thanks frank nice job 2 to you as well still givin em the kiss method, im prolly gonna be over your way this weekend
  7. Finally made it out to the charities saturday afternoon and found some nice fish but the bite was hard. Headed out of caseville about 130 and didnt get back in until 7 with our 4 man limit in the box. Started off oak point in 30 to 35 fow of water and picked up a couple keepers, then it just died so we made a move to the ne side of big charity near the steeples and put some nice eyes in the box and we had a good wind block. We worked the 30 to 40 fow with 2 oz inlines 60 to 80 off the boards trolling at 1.4 to 1.7. Best colors were firetiger, black and red, wolverine siberian tiger, and blueberry muffin. When we caught the first fish we marked it on the gps and just stayed in the area slowly picking away at them. There were a few other boats out there but we couldnt tell if they were catching fish or not. Water temp was in the low to mid 60s. Most of the fish were between 18 and 22 with a few over 24 inches. Usually try to make it out to the island at least once a year, didnt make it out there last year.
  8. I wouldnt say reguraly but the last few weeks the few eyes weve caught while salmon fishing in 70 to 100 fow were lunkers, the only other big walleye ive caught here in harbor beach was in april casting a little cleo off the breakwall.
  9. Nice job on the fish frank, i want to come back to the bay this weekend but the way the fish are biting here and the size of the eyes i just dont know
  10. Ive been fishing with a 72 year old man thats been fishing out of harbor beach his whole life and he told me hes never caught more than 10 walleye in a trip but he said he has never caught one here under 24 inches either, and you cant beat the mixed bag of fish here either, i really want to make it back to the bay this weekend but the way the fish are biting here i have a hard decision to make.
  11. Fished out of harbor beach sunday and had a very productive trip with a nice mixed bag of fish. We worked 50 to 80 fow south of the harbor out from the cementary, we ran all standard spoons in orange crush, black nancy, micheal jackson, and greasy chicken wing, trolling at 2.5 to 2.8. We managed to box 3 walleye 8 to 10 pounds, along with 2 browns, 1 laker, 2 steelhead, 1 coho, 1 pink, and 1 king it was a blast my arms still hurt. We worked the bottom 40 foot of water, we also lost 3 or 4 fish. Alot of people catching nice eyes while trolling for salmon, we caught most of the fish between 630 and 830 last nite. The bite in the morning is also very hot with the fish being in close in the shallows.
  12. Went out of sebewaing this morning to discover 3 to 5 footers at the last buoy. Fished for a bit around the last buoys and caught a couple throwbacks and a few shepheads then headed back in, the north wind was growing by the minute. I do have a few things to report on, the water temp has dropped 6 to 8 degrees and the bay has turned over. The water was so muddy that you couldnt see a harness 6 inches under the water. Im going salmon/walleye fishing out of harbor beach tomorrow report how i do.
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