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  1. Great job Tarrey and Denny! I wondered why you were MIA at work today......
  2. Great job! Did you sharpen those hooks? lol just kidding
  3. Great job! It's nice to hear these kind of reports again. I began to wonder if I was only going to catch bottle bass this summer:)
  4. Great Job guys! Hopefully I can make the next event. Outofline, any knowledge you can share with us?
  5. Thanks for the invite, it's always a good time on the Dirty Dog II!!
  6. Thanks for calling me, it was a great day to go out! It felt good to get back on the big lake and chase those fish. Thanks again.
  7. Looks great Shannon!! I am looking around for a project boat as well. I am excited to see your new ride this year, give me a shout if you need a rider to help use that boat
  8. Skin off for everything, way better taste, especially for smoking.
  9. Awesome Shannon, I too would like to move to a larger boat. One more year yet for me. Good luck on the new boat.
  10. One big question? How did you make it?? I am really interested to try it myself.
  11. Great Looking boat, and GREAT lookg place to fish. I hope to join the Tiara club one of these days.
  12. We saw 2 of these in Manistique this summer and wondered what job they did, surprises me it's all closed in. Put me in for a $100.00 and sack of coal!!
  13. Warm welcome, you wont find a better site for help.
  14. Good question Ben! I have been wondering the same thing. I seem to catch more fish on a blank screen then a screen with fish and bait......
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