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  1. Went out with just my dad last night, set lines at 5:30 in 70 FOW and began working the 70-90 range looking for some 4 year olds with NO successes besides a hefty laker, but I wanted silver. About 7:00 used my most important piece of fishing equipment, my cell phone. Dirty Dog gave me great advice to head to 120-130. Hit 130 and the light switch turned on, all 2-3 year olds, but fun fish. Ended 7-9 with one laker release. Funny part is all fish came on the one diver all in 40 min. Rod would not stay down longer then 2-3 min. Did have two doubles but both times lost the other fish. Thanks again Dirty Dog. Pic is the spin doctor on a dipsey at 250' set on 2 1/2. Have never caught a fish with it before and wanted to put some chrome down. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/2/9/3/4/img_0209_1.jpg' alt='img_0209_1.jpg'>
  2. Great job guys!!! It is tough to beat those kind of days!
  3. Good job on taking the daughter, and great idea on the rod holder for them!!!
  4. Set lines at 5:30 in 105 FOW and took a quick hit on a Mixed Veggies on a 300' Blood Run 32lb copper, 6lb king. Next 5 came on J-Plugs 60-70 down on downriggers and dipsy. Blue/Chrome, Pink/Silver/ Chrome with Black dots, and a Green Ladder back. Ended 6 for 9 with 5 kings and a steel. Kings were 15.5, 17.75 18.9, 6, and 18.3 Lake was flat, bait were plentifal and so were the boats. Want to give a shout out to NEE-HI for the help and a congrats to Flyman. First trip for me in 4 weeks and had a 6 week dry spell prior so it was a good night to kick off fishing again.
  5. It was a great night out last night!! The blue and silver J-Plug worked well for us. I hope to be back out Thursday night.
  6. I am also headed to ludington this weekend, I go by the eliminator on the radio. Give me a shout and we can compare notes. Good luck!
  7. Great job Jimmy, those mornings are always great!
  8. Nice job! You are keeping your pace up that's for sure.
  9. Nice Job Andy! I did the auto pilot this spring and will never do with out. It's a definite marriage and friend saver.
  10. I fully agree with Nailer, why cant people just work for what they want! Hopefully that trend does not continue and good luck on your new downriggers.
  11. Great Job again! If I had not gone with you earlier I would swear you were using explosives!!
  12. Started in the 80 FOW and went to 120, found 90-95 was best water. We picked up 2/3, both kings. One was a Blue Sexy Shad on a slider with the downrigger set at 48. The second was on a magnum diver set at 1.5 150 out. It had a UV Easter Egg?.... not sure. ( someone let me know). The lake was REALLY flat and nice. I am looking to change up some tackle, I just cant seem to break that 1-3 fish spot, never come home skunked, but rarely more then 3-4.
  13. Oh, that made me laugh pretty good.
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