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  1. I'd like to get a decent rate. nothing extremely crazy ya know.
  2. I'll finally be getting back to Michigan in the middle of May! We're hopin to take a little trip to either Holland or South Haven, and was hoping someone here could toss in some suggestions on where to stay. We're looking for either a small motel or cabins. If you've got any suggestions that'd be great! Thanks!
  3. If you check out their website, they've got a video of those boards pulling a dipsy!
  4. I'd like to help you with some useful information rather than bashing. Precision trolling is essential in many areas. I dont know much about the actual line itself, but i can hopefully give you some insight. What most of the multi-purpose boats will do is load their reels with a heavier line. Say a 20 or 25# line like Ande or big game. These are the common line test and brands for salmon fishing around the state. The easiest thing to do is make up some relatively long leaders with a super small two way on one end. As long as 100ft, depending on your desired leader lengths behind your bored. These leaders can be anything you want, but practical for walleye. We have extremely clear water here and go from the 25# Ande to 8 or 10 lb flouro, or my favorite brand of line, Maxima. When not using the walleye leaders take a swimming noodle and wrap the line around it. (there are also specific gadgets made just for this, although much more expensive.) Tie it up, and you have perfectly made up, reusable leader for every time you want to switch species! Much easier than re-spooling everytime. IMO, there is no magical perfect line that can help you be as productive as you'd like to be with multiple species. Hope this helps and goodluck out there!
  5. It is a quote written by John Buchan August 1875-February 1940 Give the man his credit for such perfect words
  6. Still for sale Lowered to 27,000. Drop me a pm.
  7. yuppers, they're much like a steelhead. lil fatter tho.
  8. A looper is a strain of steelhead/rainbow planted in MN only.
  9. O wow thats a pretty serious issue. Harry Stevens owns Stevens Marine right there in michigan city and im SURE he can answer all you questions! He's a great guy, and a heckuva fisherman to boot. Drop them an email and im sure they'll get back to ya asap! http://www.yachtworld.com/stevensmarine/stevensmarine_2.html
  10. Was just curious when you normally start seeing your first few kings pop into the mix of coho down there, and how much earlier they seem so show up around Michigan City or Chicago. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks
  11. O man, if your moving up for just space then stick with idea of the aluminum boat. But if your doing to be more comfortable in larger seas, easier fishing in larger seas, then look for something glass!!
  12. Welp, a Sylvan is an aluminum boat. That pretty much sums it up. Rivets pop out in rough water as the boat gets older. It just happens. They're easy to plug, but it just happens. The boat is going to be extremely light. Your lookin at around 2500 lbs for a 23ft boat. While a boat of equivalent size, but being fiberglass is going to weigh 4500+. I'm not sure on the size your looking for, or what your going to use it for but they're a great boat for smaller applications. Inshore lakes, walleye, tight quarters fishing, and small structure fishing. Most aluminum boats are also gas sippers. Your using much less horsepower and pushing much less weight. If your looking at a bigger model the reason they're tough to find is because most people wanting a larger boat want the heavier weight to cut through the waves better. I don't think this is a bad boat to consider, but it just depends what it will be used for. I personally don't think its much of a boat to get serious about salmon fishing with, but i think its a GREAT boat if your a walleye guy! I personally would never buy one because im obsessed with salmon and lake trout!!!
  13. Walmart may have a deal with okuma, but its doubtful. Many of walmart's elecetronics are built bottom of the line to compete with prices(computers etc). But as far as outdoor gear like a reel. I highly doubt it.
  14. by no means is that a speed you have to run... My guess would be it was pretty rough. 20mph wind is no easy time. The ideal speed, if your runnin bombers or rapalas, is around 2.2 mph. Although if its productive, like anything else in salmon fishing, dont stop!!
  15. i've seen the video, It's very basic information. They show ya how to tie copper, common copper lengths, and a few other basic things. It's not TERRIBLE. But theres a lot better info for those who enjoy reading more. As far as visuals, its more like a short seminar.
  16. Wow i dont know how i missed this post. Anyways. May is coming up and you can't pick a better spot to be during this time as far as sheer numbers of fish. Rockport is a great start soon as lake trout opens. Atlantics are rockin as well as the lake trout. Just outside of the pier head is top notch. Priority1 can confirm this. I'm not sure how big of a boat you have, but this time is great for a smaller boat. Fishing from 10-30 ft of water. Lots of lead and some drop weights. Riggers work with pretty much anything. As far as later in the year your gonna be running minimum or 10 miles out of rockport or 20 out of alpena. I've also hit walleye this time of year in the 6-10lb rang. Walleye fishing is great out of alpena. Theres prolly 3 or 4 main spots that walleye are taken. It's tough to fish more than a couple boats at the same time. In past years Alpena has developed a day time bite(which never existed in years past). Which opens up a bunch of doors for a lot of new people to get into the game. If ya have any questions feel free to PM me.
  17. Depending on what fin is clipped, pec, vent, right, or left, tells what year class those fish were planted. Thats hows its done in Lake Huron anyways
  18. Watch the video mike posted of his big Jon brute, is it faster than that??
  19. I wish it was a full season! Only a couple weeks though
  20. Are these the images your speaking of?? Looks like a king thats turned. Pretty common around this time of year
  21. Ahhh yes the hds5, we have that on our walleye boat. It is also an awesome unit. Mapping software is the same for both. Look into some of that. You'll be astounded by what you can see. They'll both help you catch more fish
  22. Lol, Thanks Frank. I've got the new boat itch real bad! As much as i love her, and as easy she is to fish, it's time to move on. Did you know she tells you where the fish are every day?
  23. Wow, just did a quick search, i can't find one under 540ish. I paid 520 for mine shipped. Just do a google search for Humminbird 788c and click the shopping tab. Search through those to find the best deals. It's best to sort by price and go from there. Make sure you read it all though. Make sure it comes the way you want it, either external or internal, and WITH A TRANSDUCER. Some places will sell the unit without a transducer. I personally bought mine from the digital oasis.
  24. They only have a chip in their head when the adipose fin is clipped (the little Guy on their spine close to the tail). Those fish should be measured, weighed, and the head should be cut off and returned to the dnr office. Its almost best to document where the fish were caught. Any pectoral fin clipping just identifies year class of lake trout plants.
  25. I do seismic work. Gas exploration. Currently in St. Mary. Been doin this stuff a little over a yea now
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