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  1. Trolling. There is really no jigging done in our area. It came on a tin can and a green fly with a spinner in front of it.
  2. I have no idea stomach was checked after we cleaned it
  3. Yea lol. I still don't believe it everytime I think about it
  4. Now if i would of been standing around the dock today and someone would of told me a big story about a 17lb lake trout that had 68 single smelt in its stomach i would of laughed at him and not believed a word the man was saying. Well now im the guy telling the story. Yesterday we ran out of Rockport(Lake Huron north of Alpena) out to the wreck. We ended the short evening trip with our limit of lake trout(4 of us) including a dandy. Measured right at 34inches and weighed in at 16.8 lbs. Now i normally don't stick around to help clean fish cause, well truthfully, im lazy. But today i did. We saved the largest to clean last and opened it up. I could not believe me eyes. It's stomach was HUGE. Softball girth and near football length. We opened up the stomach to find it totally jam packed full of fresh smelt. 68 to be exact. Talk about some serious bait fish.
  5. Stayed a week in Manistee and had a "decent" week. Had a couple of blow days mixed in but thats fishing. We took 44 kings, one lake trout, and 4 coho. We had planned on fishing the Monster Mania, and were REALLY onto the fish up until Friday. The wind blew the wrong way and they moved. Saturday a bunch of smaller fish were there and we didn't do nearly as well. Our biggest fish weighed in at 21.3 lbs(scale), as well as several in the 18lb rang. (scaled at campground) We stayed at the Matson Campground off of M-55. We had a VERY enjoyable time! -What worked best for us- Wire dipsey- mag ring mag dipsey- 200 Back on Chrome spin dr green fly. Wire Dipsey- Reg, Reg ring- 180 back Green prism coyote green glow fly. Downrigger- Black 11in Paddle green fly-110 down Downrigger- Straight Glow 11in paddle green fly- 108 down Downrigger-Moonshine down 82
  6. I was in manistee when this happened. I watched the second boat hit the wall. Unfortunately i think its a case of incompetency. For some reason people are sooooo geared up for spending several hundred dollars on downriggers, spoons, attractors, flies, etc, when really their first major purchase should be a decent chart plotter. In my opinion in this day and age with the mapping software and gps capabilities that are available there should never be a boat that hits a break wall. That is assuming there are no tests being dont on satellites when your coming in. If there are then slow down. This is coming from someone who was ON a boat that run aground. Rather than spend that 450 bucks on those lures and new rods a reels, pick up a chartplotter and learn how to use it. Just my 2 cents.
  7. 110 down over the deep water on big paddles.
  8. I'm in manistee right now. We're catching fish straight out and south in 100-200 fow early and 250-400 during the day. Riggers down 80 are hot. Moonshines and glow plugs. Wire divers back 200+ with a chrome paddle and green fly are also producing fish. We'll be here till Sunday. Goodluck!!
  9. Yes sir, i understand that. It was mostly just my frustration with the fact that it was the wrong one, i can blame all kinds of different things but it in the end its my fault. I should of spent a lil more money and ordered from a place a little more recognized, and one with a better description. I also had to with the fact of me being in a hurry and not wondering about the CF at the end. Ole well. Does anyone know if navionics would let this chip be used in the trade in program?
  10. Recently i had wanted to order a new Fish n chip for my humminbird 788c. I looked around online and found one for a decent price. I orderd it. NAVIONICS FISH N CHIP GREAT LAKES CF was the description of the product. Well come to find out it does not fit into my micro SD card reader on my humminbird. It is a compact flash chip. Something i unfortunately never heard of or knew about. The worse part about it all is that it says right on the box, "Once this product is opened it cannot be returned." WHAT A BUNCH OF BS! I am now out $200 bucks. Well i guess now its my job to find someone who wants this useless thing. Just needed to express my frustrated with this :X i was really hoping to have it for the week.
  11. Thanks jim, After friday its supposed to clear up and be back near 80 again . Thanks for the help buddy. How's fishin in Muskegon?
  12. The fish seem, from what i hear, pretty deep in Manistee. I don't mind either ports. i just cant make up my mind Have you fished recently in Ludington?
  13. This week i'm finally gonna get some time off work and head back to michigan. We're gonna get away from the boat loads of lake trout and walleye and head to the other side of the mitten. Only problem is, we can't make up our mind, Manistee or Ludington? I am mindful of the tournaments being held in manistee both this weekend and next. Not totally sure if we want to fish it yet or not, but we're lookin at fishing from wednesday-sunday. Which port would you recommend for 28-31st?
  14. I'm going to bow out of this thread. It seems someone has taken it a little too personally. You were not on the boat. None of the small boats watching through binoculars were on the boat. You don't have a clue if they were undersized lake trout or not. Now if gl2s still had cameras on the boat then there is No issue. There is an observer on the boat, if he did not step up and say something immediately then that's an issue with the way the tournament is run, not just an issue with what may or may not have happened.
  15. I will totally agree with the jealousy factor. Too many people think they are better than what they are. They can't take a loss and take it like a man.
  16. Lol I know the feeling. We were fishing a tournament in rough water when someone went to net the fish and hit a wave just right, he slipped and luckily caught himself before he went overboard. He manage to get the fish in the net but dropped the net in the water!!!! I popped another rigger, reeled up And snap the net. Got both the net and the fish!!!!
  17. He said they were slow at getting the net..... besides their trophy case is full so I'm sure they didn't care about giving up a couple grand ove risking even more controversy over it
  18. I think its a case of the walleye not being there. They've seemed to have moved north about a month earlier than normal. I don't know much about the area, but that's definitely the reason for the lower numbers around au gres
  19. They withdrew to prove a point. If a full fledged investigation is put into affect and they do turn up something, they are banned for life from all of the circuit tournaments. They had an observer onboard, apparently that wasn't good enough. There is also a shot at 1000 bucks for the person who turns someone in. Personally I think its a case of jealousy. Why risk their name and sponsors for a bull s*** complaint. Smart move regardless if they're "guilty" or not
  20. I think its extremely pathetic to protest the "slow netting." It's different if they're purposely shaking fish off, but come on. I think BCT did the right thing. Let the lil boys have their way.
  21. It can get extremely crazy! Darkness just adds a new wrinkle to it. from 3 untill light will be your best time without the full moon. Its a lot like the daytime bite just like Nick mentioned. It's a blast if you can get into them we do a TON of night fishing here for walligators. Used to do a lot for salmon also, but that time has much since passed.
  22. Nice Job Bill! Our festival is producing some extremely high quality fish up here in Alpena also. Tons of great fishing to be had!
  23. It's all personal preference. Some say that the copper gives off a certain vibration that attracts fish, other say that the copper in the water will spook fish. I personally use copper as a stealth method. My leads are long. But your going to be fishing a different area where a shorter lead(30-50ft) is preferred. I'd stick with what ya got. Good luck whack em and stack em
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