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  1. I've used the rainx for fog but it never did a thing for me.
  2. I got my 1998 Offshore 2300 early last spring. I love that boat! I had a Starcraft Islander before that for a short time. I like Islanders too, don't get me wrong but I like the Offshore better. I've spent some time in 3 different Islanders now so... My Offshore sets heavier in the water, it's a little deeper boat. They don't get blown around as much. The Islander will run in a heave chop a bit smoother but doesn't troll as nice in my opinion. If I keep the 80 gallon gas tank full it rides much nicer. I can fit a 9' rod in the cabin without braking it down. Tons of room to fish. I've fished with 5 guys and still had room for more. Not bad for a trailer-able boat in my opinion. Mine is a 6 cylinder 4.3L MurCruiser. It tops out at about 40 on flat water and not too bad on gas either. If you've had the chance to fish in an Islander and an Offshore too, I'm sure you would choose the Offshore. Now all you have to do is get past all the negative experiences others have had with Sylvan. That can be tough in my opinion. I struggled with it myself but I'm very glad I have my Offshore. No regrets! Knock On Wood!!!
  3. I was surfing the net awhile back and found this… Fishincloseouts.com It’s the place to get your reels, well Okuma’s anyway; they’re the only ones I got from them so far. I got all my new reels from them. I don’t know why they call themselves “closeouts” because the reels are brand new models. Nothing different but the price. Shipping is quick and cheap. They don’t have all the different models but I have found the line counters are less expensive than non-counters in the stores. If you don’t want a counter…Don’t look at it. Problem solved! Cv-30D $61.99 Now that can’t be beaten with a stick!
  4. Old radio, new antenna, new connector won’t work. I cannot receive anything unless I’m within 100 yards of the other radio I’m transmitting to. I’m told my transmission comes across with a high pitch squeal and static at 100 yards or less, but I can hear the comeback just fine at that distance. NOAA works with or without the antenna connected. So… I got a new VHF radio, and the same new antenna and connector. I haven’t tried to transmit to another radio yet but I cannot even get NOAA with the new radio. I don’t have the new radio hooked to the GPS but it does have that feature. Does that make it not work? Why can’t I get NOAA on the new radio? The connector is a crimp type with no solder. Hopefully someone can give me advice on how to fix everything and get me going. If not, There will be two radios and an 8 foot antenna in Lake Mac in the morning. :mad::mad:
  5. Thanks for the info and pics guys! I’ve read that the Sport Pilot isn’t the world’s greatest autopilot. Is it even worth drilling the holes to mount it? It came with the boat, but I don’t think that particular unit would have been my first choice. But, since the price was right, is it worth the effort to give it a try? And… It was mentioned not to mount the fluxgate near metal. The boat is aluminum, is that going to make a difference on location?
  6. I have a new, still in the box Sport Pilot that came with my new to me boat I recently bought. I hope it works! It looks to be quite easy to hook up but I have questions about the location of the “Fluxgate Compassâ€. Where do I mount it? The installation manual said to mount: -As close as possible to the pitch and roll center of the vessel. -As far away as possible from large iron masses, such as the engine and other magnetic devices. -At least 2ft 6in away from your vessel’s steering compass to avoid magnetic deviation of both compasses. I would think the most stable spot would be near the helm but what about all the other electronics? I have a nice, out of the way of everything, type spot right at the bow in the cuddy. Would that work? As far as pitch and roll, that’s the worst spot I would think, but it’s away from everything. Where is a location that it will work best at? Thanks for the help!!!
  7. Thanks for the ideas guys. I have different sized reels for different lengths but they are all Convectors. I can narrow it down but can’t tell for sure. I have tape on the reels now, but that isn’t “marine grade”. I do like the idea of putting depth information on each one! I didn’t want to be the only boat out there with tape and labels’ hanging off my spread, but sounds like that is the common practice. Thanks again.
  8. I’ve added a whole pile of copper and lead core setups in different lengths this year and would like to be able to know witch rod is witch at a glance before setting them out. I like to set all my rods in the same spot in the cabin so I know who goes where without fumbling through them but what happens when they get all mixed up? What’s the best way to label the different lengths of copper and lead core? Or, do I just need to spend more time using them to be able to tell them apart?
  9. My horn doesn’t work. My boat has two trumpet type horns. Two wires go from the switch to the horns. Both horns are connected to the wires coming from the switch. When I push the switch I hear a clicking noise from the horns trying to work. Both horns work by their self, if I connect only one at a time. But when I connect both, I get the clicking noise again. It seems like I’m not getting enough power to make both horns blow at the same time. Is that possible? I don’t know a thing about horns. This boat is a new to me boat so I don’t know for sure that they ever worked properly. I do know that those horns are not original factory horns for my boat. I need some suggestions on how to make them work correctly. Thanks!!!
  10. Thanks for the input so far! Keep it coming. I have a 1995 Starcraft Islander 191 now and really like it. I’m looking to go bigger. No complaints with my Islander, now! I just thought I’d try an Offshore. I’ve got a ’98 23 foot Offshore in the works rite now; it’s a good looking boat. I was just wondering if the lost rivets were an above average problem on Sylvan boats. I’ve heard some stories, but then again...
  11. I’m considering a 1998 Sylvan Offshore as my new ride. I’m looking for any info on this boat model. I’ve read the old post about the rivets come out but was hopping to find out just how common that is on those boats. I want to here all of the bad experiences. Sylvan Offshores are a hard boat to come by. Is that because they’re all at the bottom of the lake? Is it a bad boat to consider? Would you buy one? Thanks for all the input and info.
  12. Terry said that you wanted some prices on some reels. Here is what I have presently. The Convector 30D linecounters run $65, the 45Levelwind $65, and the 55L levelwind is $82.

    Tony Childs

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