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  1. LOL Yea, i really think that is what is happening, the bait has moved also. Our MDNR nets are reporting more smelt than in the past 5-10 yrs, as well as smaller minnows (blues and greys). Unfortunately with the clarity of our water around these parts, i dont see this keeping up for the next couple of years, but then again who knows. Usually these fish are not this far north yet!!
  2. Just to add my 2 cents, i think most of the fish have moved north. Here in Alpena we are seeing id say up to 5 times more fish here than in past years. These fish are below average size wise for us( a lot of 18incher instead of the 3-5lbs). Personally i think we're stealing your fish, but not purposely. We're having a daytime bite like never before!
  3. Hey Ryan! :D Dont be scared to share your wealth of knowledge, people here are actually pretty decent :P

  4. Yes yes, i hate to admit it but Alpena is producing its best ever day time walleye right now. Its hard to keep it a secret. Partridge point, right on the flats are where most fish are being caught. The tournament weighed in over 300 total fish. A record for a daytime tournament out of Alpena. These fish are on the small side, having to actually sort through a few. Thats something thats pretty uncommon in our neck of the woods. Several tagged fish have been caught, including 3 last weekend alone. Crawler harness are producing most of the fish, including the "new" Dream weaver worm burners.
  5. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the cmap mapping software. I know that it is primarily used for ocean chart plotting, but they do make a chip for the great lakes region. I have a raymarine 760p(I believe that's the model) and a si-tex prism10nt that take this mapping software. Any insight would be helpful. I also understand that both of these unit are quite old.
  6. That's not a bad theory, but unfortunately that's part of fishing. I sure understand that but, look on the bright side, there are limits that are reasonable. Not every average Joe can wade out and legally harvest these fish.
  7. Ha, but what they dont realize is less fish will affect their business a helluva lot more than any lamprey barrier ever could.
  8. Check that, i didnt see your post date, ill post most of the results when i get the chance tomorrow from the tournament on the 13th. Pretty good is different for a lot of people
  9. Your welcome to come to alpena and try it Scott, and is your buddy part of the walleye club, and the tournament was the night eyes
  10. Wow short leads. Our leader length with the spinners of any kind are usually a lot longer, your looking at the 3 to 4 foot length behind the biggest tin can you can find
  11. Hey guys, Well the boat FINALLY will be arriving in Alpena around the 9th or 10th of july. Now i am in the market for a trailer for her. Its a 1985 Tiara 2700 open inboard of course. If anyone has any leads at all send me a pm
  12. Yea dont run your lead off your riggers, the point of lead is to fish higher water farther away from the boat. Invest in a couple of boards. Thats your best bet. A chute rod works well depending on how well your crew works together. Remember, don't clip your boards to your leadcore, it'll wear extremely fast and you'll end up breaking off fish right at the board losing the lead that was behind it.
  13. To be honest fishing during the day is a waste of time. The water is sooooooooooooooooooooooo clear here. Its nothing to see bottom in 60 plus feet of water. Priority1 may be able to give a little insight on that. People try, but not to much avail. When they're stacked in close to grass island They can be caught during the day. Some of our best walleye tournament guys struggle to catch more than one or two in a whole days worth of fishing.
  14. Personally i believe you can't just go with one type of set up. You gotta go with what the fish want, and both can produce fish on any given day. On those slow days a lot of people tend to get into that lazy mode. Running the same baits for god knows how long, and most of the time your box will reflect that. I for one have no shame in saying that happens to me. Having both set ups can turn a meeger box into one the isn't so shameful. Some days the copper just doesn't produce fish but the lead will, and vice versa. Leaving either in the water when its not producing really does nothing for you. If your going to buy 4 set ups, get two of each, but don't be scared to switch them out at different parts of the day. And as time goes on add to those set ups. You can NEVER have too many rods or too many different presentations. Catching fish on either is no guarantee but the more presentations you throw at em the better luck your going to have. Just my two pennies
  15. It was great having you guys come up for a trip. The fish began a little on the smaller side having to return i think 4 or 5 undersized to begin the morning. It was the first time all week we had to return fish because they were undersized. But then again when have lake trout ever been early risers? These fish have been about average, 6-8 lbs. The larger is in the 14 range. Believe it or not that fish was caught on that can, and i sell those for 20 cents a piece. haha. Fishing continues to be steller right now, and as the fish move out into deeper waters numbers will increase, although size will decrease. But heck who cares it's fun anyways. Unfortunetly, now i am back to work in Pennsylvania and wont be doing any fishing in the area for at least a month or two, but when i do make it back i welcome anyone here to come experience some of the best lake huron has to offer.
  16. 18's are hot in old school fire tiger as well as old school clown. 13's125-135 behind the board have worked well too. Smithwicks are also producing fish as well
  17. Lastnight was another good night of fishing. Launched the boat around 10:15pm and headed south again. Water temp had cooled 5 degrees and most only had one or 2 fish. It seemed that most of the traffic was centered around the west end of the reef to grass island. We decided to head the the east end to stay away from all the people. Good decision. We ended the night at 12:30 with our 15 fish and a cat to boot. We got one real nice one tipping the scales at 8.6lbs and just over 27 inches. This fish was absolutely jam packed full of gobies. Again everything came on body baits right on the reef.
  18. Boat traffic out of alpena this weekend was absolutely TERRIBLE. We drove down to the launch at around 7pm to check out how many trailers were in the lot. Over 45 trailers were parked in the parking lot. If any of you have fished out of alpena, especially for walleye you'll know how bad that really is. We decided to go back and take a nap. We launched the boat at just after 12am. We ran south to what is called the big reef and set our six boards. After that it was all over. We ended the night with 17 walleye. All on body baits. Our best time was between 3 and 4 am. We boated 8 fish in that time. We pulled the boat out of the water at just after 4am. Overall it was a great night of fishing http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/2/4/1/6/2010-05-29_04.37.33.jpg' alt='2010-05-29_04.37.33.jpg'>
  19. Another great day of fishing. Launched the boat early this morning looking to grab a couple atlantics before it got sunny. Much to my surprise water temp had dropped 5 degrees since the morning before. The lake trout had moved in heavy into the atlantic waters and we had a 5 man limit in just under 3 hours of fishing. After changing out presentations and picking up the pace we ended up going 0-2 on the little acrobatic suckers. They were fun to watch even though they didnt end up all the way to the boat. The lake trout came on everything from spinners to mags, to body baits. Lead core, riggers and flat lines all worked. Pretty much a stick your finger in the water kind of day. Tomorrow we hope to duplicate the same success, but this time im going to try and stay awake long enough to get pictures before someone cleans the fish P.S. I do have an opening on the boat for tomorrow, yes short notice but send me a pm if interested.
  20. Lol thanks. It was in a board rod holder and thought it would be a nice touch.
  21. I only post this picture because i find it slightly comical, If you look very close you can see people standing on the other boat. At the exact time this picture was taken, they were taking a picture of our boat. You can see the flash of their camera. We were running at about 27mph headed to the honey hole. What a beautiful morning http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/2/4/1/6/2010-05-17_05.49.47.jpg' alt='2010-05-17_05.49.47.jpg'>
  22. Yesterday we fished rockport for an afternoon fish. Brought out a newbie and told him the chances of slammin em were pretty slim seeing how we were launching at 12:30 in the afternoon. We ran north 2miles and set lines. In 2 hours we had a 9 fish Lake trout limit, including one tipping the DNR biologists scales at just over 15 pounds. Also added to the cooler was a little surprise, a 27in, 8lb walleye. All in all it was a decent day. The lake trout all came on tin cans and spinners. The walleye hit 4 colors of lead with a gold spoon.
  23. It was a great trip! Thanks again for the invite. Lines dropped at about 720. It never got real hot n heavy, but it was steady all day long. A great day of fishing on a still great body of water, lake Huron!
  24. Certain times of the year while targeting lake trout you'll pick up an occasional whitefish. Or what's really rare is a king near 15pounds. I'd have to say that's the most unexpected.
  25. even with the soft tops they're havin issues. waiting ten or more minutes to gain satellites. darn bass guys didnt think about us!
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