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  1. Doh, As far as depth yea. Der der my mistake lol. Misunderstood that part.
  2. Congrats Troy!, on both the fish and the little one on the way
  3. A full core is 300ft(30ft per color 10 colors). It all depends on what pound copper you are using as well. It also changes how deep your bait is with how long your leader is. Anything after around 50ft of mono leader your bait will start to rise about your copper. Personally i use a 100ft leader. I'd rather have the copper tap bottom than the bait when im runnin it for lake trout. But thats just me and i know thats a little uncommon.
  4. Personally i'd rather use an inline weight. They produce much less drag and are a lot easy to actually predict how far they will go down at which speeds(trolling bible). We're all about the much shallower water up norther here, but we love our 18's and our smithwicks.
  5. I like my offshores. There is only one thing i don't like about them, you pretty much HAVE to mod them to use them how you want to. But yet they can be used for absolutely any type of board fishing you want to do
  6. Well to some people thats the only time(along with the late fall salmon run) they get a chance to harvest open water fish. I totally agree with the releasing of the hens. But as far as males, one male can handle several females, so i'm not as depressed when i see an angler harvest a mature male.
  7. Also during this time of year you'll tend to find a lot of um over much deeper water than where your finding your salmon, even though your still fishing the highest part of the water column.
  8. Speed it up and run some orange. It's not uncommon for steelhead to consistantly hit at over 3.0mph. We have a few speed trollers in the area who will run 3.5-4.0mph when targeting the steelhead.
  9. I dont know if thats a great idea. Then you'll have illiterate noobies trying to read a sign while their truck and trailer sits blocking the drive for the rest of the people. lol
  10. Salmon like to injure their bait first. Hit the middle or the head of it, just like a pike. Going with current will give you your best speed but what you want to do is angle the current. Just like you would if you were bottom bouncing a river for steelhead. a 45 degree angle to the current is your best presentation. This takes some time to figure out but its well worth it.
  11. There is a how to sticky under website tutorials on the discussion forums home screen.
  12. My favorite is the line cutters. Here at rockport we have 2 extremely shallow docks that the bigger boats have an extremely hard time loading up at, so they have to use the 2 middle much deeper docks. There is also very little room to spin a boat around and drift and wait your turn. It makes me madder than heck when a little boat rips in as your drifting waiting for your turn and docks at one of the deeper docks! Not to mention it always seems like they can fly when it comes to cutting in line, but walking up the incline to their truck you would swear they could crawl faster!!!
  13. If you seriously wanna catch a decent amount of salmon in our area forget the night bite. Get up super extra early and get lines set before its light outside. That is one thing that will not change about lake Huron. Its always been a better morning bite. Sure you can catch a few fish in the evening, and plenty of people would argue about the night being very productive, but numbers don't lie.
  14. Gosh, You have no idea how badly I would love to come, but unfortunately I'm 800+ miles from Alpena and prolly won't be any closer until the beginning of August. Missing brown trout is absolutely going to kill me, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I would absolutely love to get a chance to do some fishing with you in your back yard hehe. Hell lets trade a trip once I get back in town. :D

  15. Hey Frank if you remember the newer chart on my boat, the hummminbird 700 series is a great choice at a slightly cheaper price. They will read the same chips as lowrance. Also if you do have any issues with the unit you wont have to deal with the reputable customer service department that lowrance features. And that doesn't necessarily mean good. I love my new unit. Just my personal preference though.
  16. There's a lot of extremely nice as well as helpful people here. I finally got Kevin hooked up with some rod holders for his dinosaur. I set him up with a set of triples on pedestals. He should be styling now. :P hey by any chance do you know anything about c-map mapping software?

  17. Heck, harrisville is only 30 mins from Alpena lol
  18. Well Alpena has always been a phenominal walleye fishery, but not during the daytime. Its been dominately an afterdark, body bait, long lead presentation, rather than the crawler harness and snap weight presentation during the day that we're seeing now. Now i'm not complaining about it at all, but it is quite puzzling. I'd hate to lose a fishery to gain a fishery.
  19. Okay, i shouldnt say abnormally warm, but more or less abnormally steady.
  20. Well it could also have a lot to do with fishing pressure. Fish change their habits due to pressure. Thunderbay has been abnormally warm this year. Temps have been steady in the high 60's for some time now. Another weird thing is Alpena really hasnt been much of a harness fishery, but now its becoming something that is really catching on in the area. The only thing that scares me is the fact that they are moving. Everyone knows what happened to the salmon fishery, and unfortunately thats exactly how it started. The salmon began to move to different parts of the state, away from some of the best areas. Salmon lost their forage, and with the great fishery that is lake trout, as well as walleye, the same could happen. Both species of fish feed on gobies. Although gobies are a "nuisance" species, they are keeping the east side of the from turning into a barren wasteland. There are just so many possibilities, heck it could just be a goofy year.
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