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  1. I was under the impression that many baits would lose action with heavier lines hinting the reason behind the usage of lighter lines for walleye. I'm not only relying on the depth of the baits but the action as well. Is this true and how about when I run my smaller 2 1/4" spoons? I like the idea of what Supertramps talking about braid lines. But do worry about the line cutting into the eyes of my rods, which I had happen back when spider wire was new. I guess there are many variables in choosing line. Now comes the fun part the choice. I appreciate everyone input and will keep them in mind. But think I'll start with Tectan mono 26lb with a 10lb dia seem like best choice for now. I just cant believe a small diameter high strength mono line exist. This was one of the reasons I had opened this thread to see if anyone was familiar with this stuff. Thanks and GOODLUCK.........
  2. My attentions where to troll walleyes when setting up my boat, till I got wind of Cohos being cough in Lower Huron and read that these fish can be had with walleye gear. You should know that cohos don't fight. I had no Idea that I would ever hook into a King. I didn't even know what lb line to use. Anyway I'm just going to put a test to the Tectan line. If that fails I'll brake down and get spare reels spooled with 20lbs and put Sunline 16lb/10 dia on for my walleye. Thanks for the info guys, I guess trail and error is part of learning. GOODLUCK....
  3. Any of you salmon fisherman have any experience with Tectan fishing line for trolling with boards mostly? This past winter I had set my boat up for trolling inlines, with rods holding 12lb Vicious line with the dia. of 0.013 which is equal to 10lb. As most of you know that line diameter is critical for precision trolling accuracy. What I'm trying to do is get a line for two applications spring/fall salmon and Walleye without swapping lines or getting new reels. Today I had two kings just pull and snap my line like nothing. Granted I originally set up for walleye. This is where I'm hoping to get some thought on Tectan premium plus line that has a 26lb rating with a 10lb dia. (0.137). Open to suggestions thanks for reading GOODLUCK..........
  4. Good job a few are better than none I'm still looking for my wall hanger. Yeah with the water conditions I'm hearing on the Detroit I'm going to head to Lexington in the morning to put my walleye trolling gear to another test on salmon.
  5. I just bought five older Thin Fins that where unopened all 3/8 size 2 standard body and 3 with slightly wider bodies with rattles. Heres my question for you guys familiar with the older Thin Fins, did you notice that they don't have a split ring in the eyelet like the new ones? Would you guys recommend me adding split rings to these lures to help them run truer? Or are the split rings not needed due to my snap clip at end of my line?
  6. Kayak fishing seems to be a new sport that is growing popularity in all bodies of water. I'm wondering where he is fishing to be getting results like that? He is doing better then most people in my neck of the woods.
  7. Yeah thanks for the report, From the satellite image Erie looks miserable I'm thinking the only place with decent water clarity is the upper by Saint Clair along American side.
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