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  1. Got to love October when the weather is like this. Nice catch !
  2. That is the same scenario we fished at Muskegon yesterday. The fish were not in the clear or real dirty water. They were in the transition area between the two.
  3. Since the weather has been to hot to go bow hunting I decided to try for some salmon. My nephew Zach is home from college for the weekend, so we headed out to Muskegon. Being a college kid he didn't want to start early so we got our lines set at 11 and fished till 3. ( He wanted to go to the homecoming game). Ended up 6 for 7, 3 lakers and 3 coho. Marked a lot of fish deep in the dirty water from 170 to 200', once we hit 210 fow the water wasn't as dirty and the fish were up higher and feeding. High dipsey set at 180 with a DW Pete's bait took 2 fish. Low diver parked at 90 with a Goldie Hawn took 2 fish. Rigger set at 79 took 1 fish with a MS Wonder Bread. And a full core took 1 fish with black Revelator and green fly. Ended up getting sun burnt in October, it was beautiful out there. Zach with 2 of the bigger fish.
  4. On your diver rods I would run red or yellow line.I actually run yellow on my low divers and red on my high divers. If a fish get's crazy I can easily tell where and what line is tangled with the other. Makes getting out of possible tangles much easier.
  5. With my Raymarine I mark fish at 35+ mph. Never had a graph that could do that till now. Sure makes it a lot easier to find fish.
  6. I put a Raymarine graph on my boat last year. Best darn graph ever. I have been really happy with it.
  7. The bigger the spread of your baits the less likely to get in tangles.
  8. They don't get used as much as they used to, but they still work. I always used glow squids.
  9. Welcome Ronnie ! Thanks for your service to our country and to the Great Lakes. I always feel better knowing you guy's are out there if needed.
  10. In November I used to go to Manistee and fish just outside of the piers. We caught coho,browns and steelhead. Flatfish was the bait of choice.
  11. I run it. It is the little things that make the most difference. I am on Triplefish Line USA's Pro Staff. Great line reasonably priced.http://triplefishusa.com/store/index.php
  12. I caught a bass with a ground mole in it's stomach.
  13. Frankfort. The Platte River gets a big run of Coho most every year.
  14. Nice. You have more patience than I have. Can't stand combat fishing.
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