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  1. If I recall right Beckman got bought by Frabil
  2. Does anyone know how to transfer old Loran C cords to new Lat. Lon. Coords ? I have a note book with old Loran C numbers for wrecks and fishing spots on the Gulf of Mexico off from Florida. I would like to be able to transfer over to my Garmin or Lowrance.
  3. Welcome aboard. Very nice tug you have there !
  4. Welcome aboard Jim ! I too have been fishing Ludington for quite some time now. I don't get there like I would like to, but I manage a few trips every year.
  5. The Chamberlains have handled everything I've thrown at them.
  6. The top 20' for me. There are always fish in the top 20' somewhere.
  7. That will work just fine Sherm. One great feature about the Chamberlain stacker is that when it come up and hits the rigger pulley, it automatically drops back down to the ball.
  8. Chamberlain releases are the only way to go. Completely adjustable for any situation. Both vertical and horizontal settings for the rod tension and the release tension back to the fish. Love em !
  9. Church "Revelators" were good to me last year.
  10. That was definitely the deal today. After I left there were no more Jigging Raps available.
  11. Bow cover is a great idea Ken. I sure like mine on my Yar Craft !
  12. What do you have for a motor on her ?
  13. 11 of the jigging raps are glows. And all for half price.
  14. The title of the thread say's Rouge River area. But, he may be trying to fool us.
  15. Keep doing what your doing Jason. That pic of you and your daughter ice fishing last year was priceless.
  16. I love my Yeck Lemon Ice ! These Fish Bones are all UV.
  17. One of the main reason's was too many pinheads in the boats !
  18. After you turn 50, don't trust your farts......
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