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  1. Frank I bet it sure felt good to get back out. And you caught some fish to boot ! I like hearing that the smalls are there too. Bodes well for the future.
  2. I do a fair amount of night fishing for salmon. Full moon seems best. Moonshine spoons work real well and make sure you are organized. Night time is no time for accidents. I also have my boat set up with 2 flood lights and I put reflector tape on the ends of all of my rods and on my Church boards.
  3. Watch the weather, fill your gas tank, make sure your radio works and go for it if conditions are right. Also I would recommend a drift sock in heavy seas over an anchor. You are much less likely to take waves over your bow.
  4. Can't help with any info for down there. But, I can extend a warm welcome to the site !
  5. I believe the DNR was trying for quite awhile to keep it on the down low. Awhile back a good friend of mine was in on controlling the swan population with the DNR. He told me it was all to be hush, hush. They caught some grief from some of the residents where he did this, but it really needed to be done. They are not a native species to Michigan. And it was not on White Lake either. It was on a big inland piece of water.
  6. Yep. Any color works.......as long as it is orange.
  7. Planer boards and deep diving cranks will get you to the deeper fish just fine. I rarely fish in water deeper than 20 ft when chasing coho in the spring. Most of the time I am in 5 to 12 fow. Those coho are really aggressive, they have no problem chasing after a bait that is several feet away. If you already fish for walleye then you more than likely have some form of snap weight. Those alone will get you plenty deep enough. I use lead core for both salmon and walleye. My walleye cores are 2 and 4 color. No reason to invest into riggers if you don't want to. But I also use my riggers for walleye, more in Lake Erie than anywhere else.
  8. If I were trolling now I would be pulling body baits. Husky Jerks, Bombers, Rogues, Shad Raps, Flicker Shad, Deep Little Rippers etc.
  9. Steelhead spawn is premium for pier or surf fishing!
  10. Watch what every body else is doing, ask questions and go out and do the same thing.
  11. I have been fishing that area for about 12 years now. I have never gone "offshore" as it is quite the hike out to deep water. The back water fishing can be incredible. If you have access to any kind of boat try to get out to Keewadin Island. It is about a mile North of Marco and is a barrier island. Great people watching on weekends and darn good fishing off the South tip when the tide is ripping. I have caught everything from sharks to stingrays and black drum to sea robbins. A lot of snook call that area home. A great spot to try at night under the lights is the South side of Marco bridge. You can fish that right from shore with pieces of shrimp and a egg sinker. You won't believe how the fish beat the water to a froth under the lights from the bridge. Never know what is going to bite there. But guaranteed if the tide is moving you will catch fish. When will you be heading that way ? pm me if you would like. I will be heading down there soon myself. Maybe we could get together for a fishing trip in the backwater. I have access to my parents boat at all times.
  12. On Fishing 411 they had them behind Dipsey's. If you listen close I believe that they say the Dipsey bite wasn't good that day.
  13. What is the difference in diameter between 32# and 45 # copper ?
  14. I spend way more at Cabelas either on line or at the store, than any other sport shop. But I will say, when I am over by Linwood I sure do like to stop at Franks and at Northwoods. I don't buy online from Franks because their shipping is to highly priced. And Bass Pro rarely has what I want.
  15. Welcome Brian. You can catch steelhead upstream of the dam in a boat. Look for the deeper holes and the mouths of creeks dropping into the river. Spawn bags about 2' below a egg sinker work good, Casting Cleo's or Hot N Tots also works. Once it gets a bit warmer night crawlers are a killer on them in the river. I usually fish night crawlers on a floating jig head.
  16. I wish they would have stuck with their original idea and built in Walker. The North end of town has no big sporting goods stores. This makes at least 5 in the South end. Two Ganders, Al & Bobs, MC Sports and Dicks. Plus the Pro shop in Jenison.
  17. I have had excellent results pulling spoons and cranks well into June at Brest Bay.


    Nice rig. Lot's of fishing space.
  19. The reports I have been getting is that the Gulf is warmer than usual for this time of year and the tarpon are starting to show up in the Naples area.
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