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  1. You are fishing in good walleye water. Have you stumbled into any yet ?
  2. I am still using my Diawa's from the late 70's and early 80's. Never had a problem.
  3. That is why I don't fish the rivers anymore. Too many pinheads.
  4. Hunting and fishing are blood sports. It always has been and always will be.
  5. With a outboard it would be very difficult and not worth mounting a rigger down the middle. That is unless you want to bang cannon balls of your motor hood and get rigger cable twisted in your prop. I run 4 riggers off my 19' Yar Craft, one on each corner and one out each side.
  6. I predict it will be cold and dark with snow.
  7. My Daughter totaled her 2012 Jeep Liberty yesterday. I will let her know about your truck.
  8. Contact JayD on this site. I believe he is having some mounted on his new Hewes Craft.
  9. Don't try to go over the coffer dams.
  10. Not sure if the Badger is still in season. But Ludington is a nice town to spend some time in.
  11. You will pass the Silversides on the way down the channel. That is open for tours. It is a submarine. I am sure some of the Muskegon guy's can give more info than me.
  12. You will be glad it has a fake head. I had a 35 lber mounted many years ago with the real head. Ended up tossing the mount a few years back because it bled so bad it ruined the mount.
  13. Back trolling cranks for steelhead is a good start. And when they start coming in any of the holes below the dam will hold walleye. I have caught them in center run on spawn when the river is up.
  14. Great shots Gord. Thanks for sharing them !
  15. You can't learn from a better guy than Frank. And a warm welcome to the site.
  16. Chamberlain makes a stacker that when it gets up to the end of the rigger, it drops back down the cable to the ball. They are adjustable just like the release.
  17. I talked with a blow boater a couple of weeks ago. Asked him if some do that on purpose. He said heck ya, they like to mess with power boaters.
  18. The key for me last Friday mid day was focus on the slightly chalky water. That is where the biters were hanging out.
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